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Lovely Lazy Saturday October 6, 2007

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That’s what this is. Absolutely lovely! I’ve walked the pups twice, gone to the library (yeah, I go about every other day. Or every day.) Cooked, and am currently working on crafts.

Every Sunday I host a little shindig called champagne Sunday– an event which is fun and wonderful, and includes an intake of calories that should last a typical human through the week. I yi yi. Maybe I’ll have to find an alternative to champagne? But nothing can touch the glamour of that bubbly-goodness. Unless, perhaps I concoct something bubbly with kombucha?

I’ll keep you posted.

Man, I love the taste of the last jugs of kombucha that Dave gave me. It’s so delicious! I may be drinking too much of it? Is that possible? I don’t know.


7 Responses to “Lovely Lazy Saturday”

  1. krizten Says:

    hey vanessa!
    i just want to leave a comment, so you’ll know for sure that someone is reading your blog!
    thanks for doing this.
    i think it’s a brilliant idea.
    i started brewing kombucha about 3 weeks ago.
    i was quite impressed with my first batch.
    actually amazed that i could make something that tasted so good.
    i think it’s really, really hard to mess it up….
    but, i’ll try:)
    i live in seattle and it’s starting to get cold, so i’m expecting my brew time to take 5-7 days longer.
    we’ll see.
    i’m trying to see if i can curb my sugar cravings and i suffer from candida issues,
    so, i have absolutely no idea what the effect on that will be either.
    well thanks again and keep up the excellent work!

  2. yumv Says:

    Thanks Krizten! I’m glad SOMEONE is reading it. Kombuch a is pretty tasty, isn’t it? Let me know how your sugar craving-curb goes. I’ve not even STARTED to tackle that issue!

  3. PB Says:

    I have been making my own kombucha for a while now and I have experimented with making some alcoholic beverages. I haven’t tried mixing with champagne but I have made some others. One really good (and potent) one is the Kombucha Margarita. When I’m bottling my kombucha I will combine it with a strong margarita then put a bottle cap on and let it sit for about 5 days outside the fridge. The result is a very potent, tart margarita that hardly tastes like alcohol at all and is nice and fizzy. I have also experimented with some Rum concoctions. You should try a Kombucha with your champage and let us know how it goes.

  4. betsey Says:

    Sounds like plan. been making kombucha for a long while… like Many years. guess i’m not very creative. i will try it though…
    its Helped in some kidney problems I’ve had, My friend also claims its helped her kidney to be less stonie…

  5. Dave Says:

    PB – I will personally test the Kombucharita recipe this weekend! Thanks for sharing


  6. yumv Says:

    I’m going to be trying that kombucharita too! and possibly naming my first born Kombucharita. It’s so catchy!!

  7. PB Says:

    Some of my friends commented on the Kombucharita name too. I also made a Kombucha Margarita with Rum instead of Tequila and labeled it the Kombucha-Rumarita. Many have commented that they drink the Kombucharita and have no hangover in the morning.

    So did anyone else try it? I had a batch a week or so ago that wasn’t as tasty as others…depends on the right mixture.

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