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The Sunday Test! October 7, 2007

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So, we’re all familiar with the “30 Day Challenge” which I am currently embarking on. But, my PERSONAL challenge can be whittled down into one word. “Sunday”. I’ve mentioned Champagne Sundays in earlier posts. That wonderous day full of gluttonous enjoyment. The champagne! The food! The fellowship! But then comes…

ChamPAIN Monday.

Mondays, I always feel like a big ball of sticky-poo.

Today, I started my morning off with a big dose of kombucha. Then I prepared some of the food that I will no doubt be gorging on later. Italian potato salad! Cucumber raita! Sweet potato spread! Pita chips! Oh, it all looks so innocent now, in the fridge. But later on, these things will be my undoing.

bum bum bummm.

And the worst part of this whole thing? The bat looming at the end of this already trecherous tunnel? Tomorrow morning. At 8:00 am. I have a training session with Dave.


3 Responses to “The Sunday Test!”

  1. Sandy Says:

    to vanessa – – no, i do not know what the 30-day challenge is. Is it cool? Healthy? I am one of the rare ones that GAINED weight after chemotherapy. Will this help? cheers sandy

  2. Dave Says:

    Sandy, the 30 Day Kombucha Challenge was an experiment sponsored by to find real people and real results.

    Basically you drink homemade kombucha tea (you can use store bought but it will be expensive and the idea is to see if the stuff you make is as good as the stuff you buy), for 30 days straight and simply blog about the results.

    If your interested let me know as we will be going through another round.


  3. Sandy Says:

    You bet I am! anything that will help get rid of these toxic chemicals from chemotherapy! (btw, i love kombucha. one of my daughters heard that it fights cancer cells, among other things. so I tried it. You know, a person doesn’t REALLY know if lots of things that are touted really help, but I can swear, as a couple friends do, that drinking it makes an INSTANT DIFFERENCE. I can feel it right away, seriously. SO glad my first batch is nearly done, thanks to you. regards, cheers, and KOKO sandy

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