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Kombucha Tea, Cultures, Benefits and Hazards

SUPER Natural. October 12, 2007

Filed under: vanessa — yumv @ 10:31 pm


Yeah. It’s natural, but it LOOKS like it’s from outerspace. Note my skepticism.

It’s kombucha paste. Dave gave it to me today, and told me to wash my hair with it, my face with it, combine it with stuff, whatever. It just so happens i spilled a cup of scalding hot tea on my chest last night (ouch. short story, but I’m not going to tell it) and now i have a HUGE burn on me, being bothered at by my underthings. I’ve started to rub the kombucha salve on it… what will happen next?!

Last night, I got locked out of my house. So, instead of a late-night posting, I was late-night trying to find a place to stay until my roomie got home. Less fun than blogging.

Dave and I worked out this morning– it was one of those mornings that just feels wretched and far too early… but about 10 minutes into our work out, as promised by Dave, I was really glad to be doing it, and happy to be up and atem’.



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