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Tea for Two and Two for Tea October 17, 2007

Filed under: kombucha,tea,vanessa — yumv @ 11:01 pm

Well, it’s actually just tea for one, but i’m drinking enough for SEVERAL people.  More than two.  Maybe 14-ish?  I always have been an AVID tea drinker.  But it’s usually just avid supermarket tea, pre-bagged.  Lately I’ve been drinking tea from  And I must say– I can taste the difference.   In a big way.

I mean, celestial seasonings, yogi tea, earth tea, all of it is good and delicious in its own right, but mannn alive — there is a difference.

I’m drinking the raspberry oolong tea.  “Slimming Tea?”  oh, hello there beautiful!   Ok, so it’s not a miracle tea, but, it has lots of great properties and HAS been known to have positive effects on the metabolism.  The real question is: can it have it’s positive effect on my middle???

I worked out with Dave today.  And guess what– it’s getting a little better!  Or more enjoyable?  Or less dramatic or something?   I still am one of the best danglers on the market.  And the worst puller-uppers.


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