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Kombucha Tea, Cultures, Benefits and Hazards

October 21, 2007

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I keep my k-cream in the fridge, so naturally, it’s chilly!   I put it on my face– wiped it off when it started to tingle a bit.  I haven’t seen a difference yet, (hey! it’s just one day!) but I liked the way it felt!  I’m also going to use it as hair conditioner tonight.  I was reading about giving it to dogs/pets for various ailments.    Have any of you tried this out?  I’m eager to hear about it!  I have a chihuahua who has a tendency towards bladder infections.  I’m thinkin’ bout slippin’ her the k!


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  1. Chris Says:

    What’s Kombucha Cream? Sounds interesting.

  2. Alice Says:

    Since mid-October- I have been brewing the K-tea-when I finish I
    rinse my glass with a bit of water and put it in a fountain indoors where three cats drink out of. I haven’t noticed any difference in them so it isn’t hurting them.

  3. Linda Says:

    How do you make K cream

  4. sandygray Says:

    My 8 lb Bichon has had skin problems, where she kept biting herself. She shewed off most of her fur on her back legs. I put both of my dogs on K-tea, and Mia’s fur seems to be coming back in. I found it easier to mix it in their food. They love it that way.

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