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The Brutal Holidays, November 3, 2007

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I think that Halloween was the first in a series of many holidays that inevitably bring food guilt and a need for rest! This week has been full of little events… each of them boasting delicious goodness, and alcohol. I can’t wait for life to be boring again.

SCOBY NEWS: (Scoby Doo, the crime solving Kombucha Culture? Ruhht-roh!) I’ve grown a completely new culture! it’s awesome. i started with two discs, and now, there is a third, perfectly formed goober! love it.


3 Responses to “The Brutal Holidays,”

  1. Felino Says:

    I started brewing Kombucha sometime in 1993 or some 14 years ago – BY ACCIDENT.

    I was the editor of a local newspaper then, in Zamboanga Philippines. One day my reporter wrote a story about a craze among women in town. It seems that the womenfolk were deep in making some sort of talisman from a growth or culture. A typical case: Nora received a plastic container containing a mixture of tea, sugar with a little SCOBY floating in it. Along with the culture is a piece of paper containing a prayer. Nora is instructed to prepare a container of her own. Prepare a mixture of water, sugar and tea and while saying the prayer .. intone a latin name for the culture. Then she places the bowl or jar with the SCOBY and its water, sugar, mixture under her bed. She repeats the process of reciting the prayer, adding a half full of the sugar, water tea mixture to the culture. She does this for a week. After a week, she drains the mixture and hung the culture to dry in the sun. After a day or so, she fashions a small bag of red cloth and place the dried SCOBY in it. She is advised to place this “dried SCOBY in the red colored packet inside her wallet as a good-luck charm.

    All was well for the practice, but some superstitious women reported the matter to a Roman Catholic Priest who in turn denounced the practice. And so reminiscent of the book burning in Germany during the early rise of Adolf Hitler , there was an orgy of burning the culture in the City of Zamboanga. The story spread like wildfire in the media and a national television anchorman,,, now Philippine Vice President Noli de Castro even featured the story of the culture being fashioned out into a talisman of sort.

    The story should have ended there,, but an official of the Department of Science and Technology Office in Zambaonga browsed in the Internet and provided media and local newspapers printouts about Kombucha.. the director said the culture was nothing strange and that there was nothing sinister about Kombucha.

    I was interested and checked the Internet and lo there was Kombucha in the net.

    At the newspaper office, I managed to “salvage” a piece of the tissue that was placed in an acid solution to destroy it (possibly in compliance of the church order to destroy the thing).

    I brought the culture home and nursed it back to health with a mixture of water, sugar and tea. – and guildeines about Kombucha Culture gathered in the Internet.

    In due time, I was brewing my own Kombucha tea and consuming it then. Through the years, that “salvaged” Kombucha Culture grew and grew. At time, I forget to attend to it for several weeks, but when I drain out the vinegary liquid and place in new mixtures, LO .. I get my new brew again and again and again.

    And so to make a long story short,. I have been brewing Kombucha Tea for the last 14 years. And drinking the brew.

    After the national bru-ha-ha about Kombucha in the Philippines circa 1994,, I did some asking around and found out that there are a number of local folks, mostly of Chinese descent, who have been secretly brewing the tea all these years.

    What can I say about it?

    All the good that the others have been saying are true.


  2. alice Says:


    are you also selling kombucha out there? i am interested to buy it from you if ever you’re selling it…thank you!!!

  3. yumv Says:

    Yes!! I’m blogging for! I use it all, and am now brewing my own! Check it out Alice, let me know how it goes!


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