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blog time, no see! November 15, 2007

Filed under: vanessa — yumv @ 11:18 pm

   Hey guys!  I haven’t blogged in forevvvver, forgive me!  A vacation to Idyllwild, CA turned into a prolonged lack of blogging, then I got back home, got wrapped up in life…. eesh.  My apologies!

I have made another batch of K-tea, and I must say, I really find working with these cultures satisfying and exciting.  Much better than house plants.


One Response to “blog time, no see!”

  1. Susan Cole Says:

    I’m making my first brew . It’s done this Sat. , can’t wait to try it .
    I’m a bonsai , herb , cactus and hybrid plant grower also . I love medical trees and plants .
    What teas are the best medically ? An I read that using glass jars was best . I’m buying two one gallon jars with spigots .


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