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first steps… November 18, 2007

Filed under: vanessa — yumv @ 9:44 pm

John (my husband)  is sipping some kombucha right now… a doctor recommended it for some of his belly-problems.  The bad news is, he doesn’t like it!! I can’t believe it.  I guess it’s an aquired taste.


6 Responses to “first steps…”

  1. susan Says:

    i am interested in this kombucha stuff but i am worried about the taste. do u like it? i figured if i put enough juice w/it i will b able to swallow the stuff.


  2. yumv Says:

    I love the taste! It’s nice, sort of seltzer-cidery. But, there are all sorts of flavors you can experiment with. give it a shot!

  3. Trudi Says:

    Maybe don’t ferment it as long. We stop usually around day 5 and add ginger to it when we bottle it. My kids love it. We call it Boocha Pop! If you need to add something, applejuice or orange juice or anything like that works good. My girlfriend loves Bengal Spice tea that she adds to her Kombucha. I’ve found you don’t need to add very much to change the flavor. I’ve also noticed that people that are higly addicted to processed sugar and pop do not like Kombucha as well. They have to force themselves to drink & eat the healthy foods until their tongue heals, then they start craving the good stuff instead of the bad. It’s happened here. We no longer crave cake & cookies much, but head for the Boocha Pop instead!

  4. AJ Says:

    The first time I tried it was out of curiosity. It made me cough the first time i tried it and became addicted to it shortly after. I love it. It can be quite the acquired taste, but inevitably you will like it!LOVE IT! Especially when you realize how good it makes your body feel, even my 2 1/2 year old nephew wants “boocha” all day long! It was just getting my grandpa to like it that took some effort.

  5. Jacquie Says:

    I know this is a little late, but I drop a few dried cherries in while bottling for the second ferment. It adds a nice fruity taste without adding the sugar (and calories) that adding fruit juice does.

    I’ve also added fresh ginger slices, but I don’t like that as much. Dried cherries (or possibly cranberries) work well.

    ################### DAVE’S RESPONSE ###############

    Yeah we have a whole section dealing with flavors and making your own tonics using specific herbs in our upcoming Master Classes… stay tuned!


    I am on batch #5 of my Kombucha experience. i generally use boiled spring water (from a real mountain spring, not bottled) or distilled. My husband has brewed beer for years, so this was an easy jump. For batch #3 I used 8 green tea bags and 6 mint green tea bags. The result was a nice, mild mint-ginger-ale kind of taste, quite delightful. I am going to try the dried cherries in the bottle mentioned by Jacquie. The stuff really is addicting. I took a “baby” with me when visiting my daughter, who has health problems, and she is ready to bottle her first batch. It will be interesting to see if it helps her any.

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