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Welcome Back, me. December 11, 2007

Filed under: vanessa — yumv @ 11:24 pm

hey guys!

sorry for the prolonged absence from the blogosphere.  i had a death in the family, and spent last week in Tennessee.

thanks for ALL the comments!  you guys certainly kept the blog active, i appreciate it!

while i was gone, i left my tea (which had already been fermenting for 4 days).  i came back, a week later, and this stuff is POWERFUL!  eesh.  hard to drink, even for me.  i’ve been mixing it with a little fruit juice and some seltzer water, and having lovely spritzers.


3 Responses to “Welcome Back, me.”

  1. David in Olympia Says:

    I have made seven succesful batches of 2 gallons each. My wife and I drink about 16 ounces each day. My question is…..How do we take a break, but still keep our scoby happy and healthy when we do not feed it……how long can we keep it dormant?
    PS: we used yerba mate and purple lapacho tea in one batch that tasted quite good. Thanks for your help. David in Olympia

  2. David in Olympia Says:

    How do I keep the scoby alive for a month without using it to make more kombucha tea?

  3. mark Says:

    dave i just keep it in a glass bowl covered and that works well for month or more but keep it cover with some tea in the refrigerator

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