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Kombucha Tea, Cultures, Benefits and Hazards

DRUMROLL!!!!! Part 4 April 6, 2008

Hey guys. Sorry for the delay, I seem to make them faster than I post them.


5 Responses to “DRUMROLL!!!!! Part 4”

  1. nafiseh Says:

    thanks for your helps, i want know about how brew the kombucha for more efficient in GLUCORONIC acid

  2. Rhonda Says:

    U r too funny with your “experiment”. LOL! But you looked like you were having fun, so I might even try it. Cool———-Thanx & have fun & good luck.

  3. Silva Says:’s 4 months after the last comment!!! So what happened??
    HEY>>>> You are still alive arent you??
    (Not eaten by a GIANT scoby…tee-hee!!)

  4. Mary Says:

    Doing quite well. Tried letting my tea brew longer but I didn’t care for the taste.
    Guess I like mine on the sweet side.
    Have tried several flavors. I like Apricot about the best.

  5. Marcelo Says:

    It was like looking at myself doing it. Although I make it less sweeter.

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