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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies June 17, 2008

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40 Responses to “How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies”

  1. Amanda Says:

    After I let my tea brew for 12 days I than take it and put it in seperate jars and let it sit in a cabinet for 5 days. When I take it out of the cabinet after 5 days it has a film of a mushroom starting at the top of the jar. What do you recommend that I do with that new mushroom? Because I have quite a few extra mushrooms already that I don’t know what to do with.

  2. Amanda Says:

    OOPS! Sorry i went under the wrong category. Not use to the blog yet. But if I could get some feed back on that question it would be great.

  3. Bett Says:

    Amazing fruit fly trap:

    This is an easy-to-make and very effective solution. Fruit flies will walk down the screen and jump into the jar to get the fruit, but then can’t figure out how to get out. You can free them outside, once or twice a day, where they will fly away and live their lives away from your kitchen. (You don’t want to forget to do this, as they build up and it becomes a mess if you leave it too long. And there is no need to kill these little guys, if you keep this up you will rid your kitchen of them entirely.)

    Get a quart-size or larger Ball jar and the threaded ring part of its lid, some window screening material, and a hot glue gun.

    Screw the ring onto the Ball jar.

    Cut a square of window screen 6 to 8 inches square and roll it into a cone with a hole of about an inch at the bottom. Stick the cone into the hole in the Ball jar ring and adjust the shape of the cone so that when it fits snugly into the ring, it is about midway between the rim of the jar and the bottom.

    Take the cone out, holding it to maintain the shape you have established, and hot glue it so it’ll stay in shape. (You could pin it with straight pins while it’s still in the ring to make sure.)

    Hot glue it into the Ball jar ring so that there are no spaces between the screen and the ring.

    Now unscrew the ring, place a piece of fruit or banana peel in there, screw the ring back in and place it near where fruit flies congregate.

    Once or twice a day, take it outside and empty it – fruit flies fly away unharmed but away from your kitchen, and the fruit or peel on the bottom gets dumped either in the trash or your compost pile.

    Rinse out and start over with a new piece of fruit or peel.

    You’ll end up getting rid of your fruit fly problem entirely. Any new flies that come in on produce from the store will go to the far more attractive open fruit in the trap, not hang about trying to get into difficult fruit that has a difficult-to-penetrate peel on it.

    You’ll even find that you catch houseflies in this and get to let them out, too.

  4. Joannie Says:

    It is easy, put a glass cup on the counter or where the fruit flies come, fill it half way with cider vinegar and add two drop of dish detergent.

    Change it out every couple of days if you have a great many flies. Otherwise weekly is good.

    Doesn’t take but one day to get rid of them.

  5. Rachel Says:

    I have used the drop of dish detergent in a small glass cup or bowl with a couple ounces of kombucha and it has always worked very well. The flies go in for the kombucha but the soap is too slippery for them to be able to climb back out.

  6. ann Says:

    I liked the video. I have the fruit fly problem 5 stars. I have not completed the course, so I will use vinegar and honey.

    More this time tomorrow.


    Thanks Ann… stay tune for Part 2 of the video where I offer two additional tips for those pesky nasties (yes. nasties.)



  7. sandy Says:

    great ideas, 5 starts, keep ’em comin!

  8. sandy Says:

    opps, I meant to say “stars”

    thanks Dave L

  9. Kat Says:

    Thanks, the trap worked great!

    ************** DAVE ***************


  10. Jessica Says:

    Thanks for the idea, I don’t have the fruit flies yet (only been brewing for about 2 wks) but I’m sure they will become a problem at some point and this idea sounds great and very easy!

  11. Silva Says:

    WOW!! Awesome shirt man!!!
    I just started drinking kombucha a week ago..the health food store kind from G.T Dave. I LOVE it and want to start making my own. So…I guuess I will be one up on the fruit flies when they arrive but I am not at that point yet. I may try to trap a few now even before I start just to scope them out..(and to see if your little contraption really works..haha!!)

    ***********DAVE’S RESPONSE **************



  12. cynthia Says:

    Hey Dave!

    I loved the videos – you have a lot of charisma! I also loved the Kombucha course. I’ve been brewing Kombucha for years but learned a lot of new things I hadn’t known before from you. I’m drinking lots of tea every day and love it but I have a really important question. My daughter, Shelby, lives in Istanbul and would like to start brewing. How can she physically transport a culture and starter with her back to Turkey from the US? It would be 24 hours from the time the culture is packed and unpacked in her luggage. Is it ok to keep a culture in an airtight container for that long? Thank you so much in advance for your timely response.


  13. Paige Says:

    You are sooooo smart! What a great idea! My dad used to “bunch” flies at picnics. Fill a bowl with something sweet and place it far away from the party guests–same principle. I guess I could set a kombucha trap next to my bananas as well, couldn’t I? Thanks, tons!!

  14. Paige Says:

    BTW–5 stars on the video, 3 on the shirt

    **************** DAVE ****************

    πŸ™‚ — cool I’ll stick to the tea and wellness, and not the clothing and style!

  15. diana Says:

    seen my first video on getting rid of fruit flys and it was informative and funny looking forward to the course.

  16. Brian Rich Says:

    Great fruit fly video! The trap works great. If only the other problems of life were so easy to fix. Keep the videos coming. Thanx, Brian

  17. Hey Dave,
    Thanks for the tip. Have not started brewing yet, but just signed up for your “how to brew” mini course.
    Love your product!!! Esp the mango, grapefruit, and ginger.
    Nice shirt too.

  18. Lori Says:

    Great video and great ideas for dealing with this pesky problem. Enjoyed your humor. Now could you come up with a way to deal with the fermenting smell?

  19. Debbie Says:

    Thank you for the Fruit Fly video. It was very cute and informative. Your charisma is a pleasure!

  20. Martin Says:

    I find I have no trouble with fruit flies, because I use gallon glass jars to brew the kombucha, and top the jars with cheesecloth secured by rubber bands. So far, I have had NO fruit flies in my tea. When I brew the kombucha, I use those plastic gloves )we find at health food stores to handle the dry goods stored in bins) to keep the hand flora from getting into the tea, when transferring the mushroom to the new batch. I also separate out the old mushroom from the new one, and sometimes enjoy one just to eat (pretty tasteless/vinegary).

    • Jonathan Says:

      I was using cheesecloth, and fruit flies seem to have penetrated through it. One needs to use a material with a denser weave.

  21. Melissa Says:

    WOW great tip, Im going to use this outside for all the bees i have too, might need more than K-Tea to catch them………….

  22. Alison Says:

    Nice shirt, Dave! However, the great advice is even better! Thanks for the course on kombucha brewing. I am on lesson 3 and really looking forward to start brewing!
    Thanks again!

  23. Cynthia Says:

    This solution was excellent. I am a new brewer and am just starting to see fruit flies. I’m cutting the top third off my plastic bottle in a few seconds.


  24. marcelo Says:

    I have to tell you that your videos are very funny. I read that you were about to come to Argentina. I live in Argentina! And I was wondering for a lot of time if I could make some kind of experiment using YERBA MATE instead of common tea leaves. Please tell me something about how you dealt with this stuff!

  25. asia Says:

    Thanks for the video. Fruit flies are a menace. Glad to have a humane way of getting rid of them!

  26. Nicole Maendel Says:

    Hi Dave,
    I just finished my first continuous brewer batch and am soooo proud..mainly of the beau-tea-ful scoby that so perfectly grew so large. No fruit flies either, luckily. I just bottled and added a new batch of sweet tea today but I’m at a loss for what to do with the scoby as it’s grown so large. Do I have to trim it? I basically just poured the larger second batch of sweet tea over it. Will this affect the growth or fermentation? Please advise. Also, please let me know if there would be another place I could post this. Thx:)
    P.S. Phenomenal shirt

  27. Cheryl Says:

    GREAT tip!!! Thanks!

  28. Victor Lord Says:

    I have to agree with Cynthia U do have alot of Charm and Charisma,I Love your Shirt! Thank U 4 all the tips, info,and have a Wisdonm filled journey to Argentina!

  29. misha dee Says:

    Don’t put Kombucha in your
    Great video, Dave. The second trap works great with wasps too (use sweet tea or any HFCS soda) as well as snail trap in your veggie garden. Just fill the bottom with beer and put the homemade funnel on…bury the lower part in your garden so that the top is pretty much even with the ground… the little sluggers die a happy death… cheers πŸ™‚

  30. JB Says:

    Love the shirt but would love it more if you’d take it off.

  31. Jennifer Says:

    I am a newbie and researching before attempting. I am excited to see it look so easy! Thanks for the video.

  32. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    I’ve JUST started having this problem! So easy to know it’s an easy fix! Even BETTER to know, I can make several of these with all the plastic bottles laying around here!


    ps.. you’re jokes were.. uhh… :/ kinda funny.. πŸ™‚

  33. Sherri Says:

    I just started to brew K. tea, as my duaghter-in-law gave me
    a starter. I am trying to get fully informed, so now I know
    what to do if I get fruit flies…Thank you very much!

    PS. Dave, I think you’re a funny guy. I appreciate the

  34. sherri Says:

    where in the world do those dang vinegar flies come from in the first place? thanks for the great time – I’m on my 2nd batch and they arrived… but the vinegar is already out and working… I think your shirt should be darker though – no offense

  35. cheryl Says:

    I only just learned of KOMBUCHA TEA from a friend so I am trying to learn all I can about it. I just today ordered my economy porcelan brewer. I really liked the fruit fly video. I’d rate it a 5 *****!

  36. sandra Says:

    What to do if I already have fruit flies in my kombucha despite using cheesecloth. There aren’t many but is it safe to continue with the process?

  37. neredowell Says:

    Last night I transferred my first Kombucha mama baby into a gallon jar. It took a long time for the mama to come willingly out of the jar, and during the time it took, several flies amassed and swarmed. Eventually I boiled some distilled water to sterilize a utensil I could use to coax mom into her new, swanky digs. I went on with my tea, but now I’m worried a fruit fly got into the brew.

    How will I know if my kombucha is contaminated by fruit flies? The appearance of mold? I know I have to wait two weeks before I can begin to use it, but if I need to get another mom and start over again I’d rather get started sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for the great video and good information!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Has Dave EVER just gotten to the point?

  39. Will Says:

    I don’t want the karma of killing the fruit flies, since they have a right to live also. What about a video on making a trap that doesn’t kill them so I can just let them go outside? P.S. I don’t have a glue gun!

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