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New Video IS Here!!… June 30, 2008

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Hi Ya’ll

A new video is up but it is exclusive to our newsletter subscribers… if you have not signed up yet, what the heck are you waiting for… join the largest kombucha newsletter on the internet (according to active subscribers… over SIX THOUSAND NOW!!).

You will also receive our 7 Day Mini Course Including the Complete Lessons.


3 Responses to “New Video IS Here!!…”

  1. Erin Says:

    How long can you leave the Kombucha culture in the covered breathable container?

  2. Andi D Says:

    I cannot not wait to see the new videos! You had hinted at a master brewers video with more bottling tips (I believe) which I am looking forward to.

    I’m about to brew my 3rd batch of k-tea in my continuous brewing system and my husband and I enjoy it! I really like the tea well chilled, fizzy, and a little on the sweet side so I have been just bottling up 80 % at about day 5 and then brewing a new batch when we start getting low, just keeping the scoby right in the brewing system with the tea I left for it. Everything looks and tastes as it should! Your instructions are very easy to follow!

    Thank you for your great product and enthusiasm!
    Andi D

  3. Jodie Says:

    I am brewing well and have achieved a great fizz. I am experimenting with recipes now. Since having improved my methods, I notice that I seem to have a new little mini scoby in almost each bottle. Is that right? It’s not like the snotty glob that Synergy sometimes has but more like a rubbery transparent disc the size of a nickle. Just for kicks I left one in a glass of “boocha” (as my 2 year old calls it) covered with cheesecloth to see what develops. Is this a baby? I’ve never seen one so young!

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