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MIA: Kombucha Update January 8, 2009

Hey everyone! Remember me!? The guy who was doing the 30 day kombucha challenge with the videos on this very blog? Your old pal Sean? Anyone? Well, I owe you all an apology I got busy in my personal life and put my health conscious life on hold (kind of). I got very busy producing videos for my comedy website which you can of course check out! I have been brewing for awhile now and although I have not documented my results as I showed of I can honestly say that I have more energy now than I have in my entire life after drinking Kombucha regularly for about one year. I noticed when I first started drinking Kombucha Tea I would get a pretty big buzz off of it kind of like those first few cigarettes (not that I smoke, disgusting habit) and after awhile the buzz became a little less but I’m still “buzzin” off the stuff (also note, I do not drink kombucha for the buzz, it’s just an added incentive is all). I was someone who was experiencing a lot of heartburn, I would take tums, Mylanta, and even Prilosec to try and curb but nothing helped! Nothing! That is until about two months after regularly drinking Kombucha and now I can honestly say that my heartburn is gone and I could not be happier! So I hope all is well in everyone’s lives and i wish you all a happy new year. You should be seeing me around this blog a lot more this year so stay tuned!


2 Responses to “MIA: Kombucha Update”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Please keep updating your kombucha blog. I love it! Very helpful. I’d love to hear more as you enjoy and experiment.

  2. Alex Istanto Says:

    Is KT olso a good drink for diabet.
    I Am a diabet ,
    from Alex Istanto.

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