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My Favorite Kombucha Flavor February 3, 2009

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My favorite kombucha flavor. I found myself thinking on this for a little too long today. So what does that mean you ask yourself my fellow kombucha tea lovers you. This must mean that I do not have a favorite kombucha flavor. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kombucha flavors? “Flavors? They come in different flavors I thought it was natural.” Well yes my friend you can buy flavored kombucha or you can flavor your own home brewed kombucha very easily by adding a bit of your favorite fruit. Some of my favorites include, raspberry, grape, guava, cranberry and a mixture of all of the above which makes for a really kick arse beverage.

For the more adventurous kombucha drinkers out there I have also added vodka for a reallllyyy nice kombucha cocktail. My friend who would never touch the stuff before are now hooked because they were willing to try some kombucha with vodka. Now they are buying kombucha at whole foods…someday they will brew their own, if they get smart.

I wonder what a grand world we would have if there were kombucha soda shops where you go in and ask for any flavor you like. Then you sit down at the counter, throw your feet up on the stoop, and enjoy a nice tall, tasty, sip of your favorite kombucha flavor iced cold. Mmmm…my mouth is literally watering right now. Then again coffee and tea shops could also start carrying kombucha, some already do, but none around me I don’t think. Sounds like I need to go out and do invetigating/demanding, come on even my liquor store sells kombucha. Well in a perfect world we would have peace before kombucha soda shops anyway but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Some people ask ask and it is given. I’m asking.


3 Responses to “My Favorite Kombucha Flavor”

  1. Shirl Says:

    I love kombucha but found it got a bit boring “au naturel” so, being a chilli freak, I flavoured a batch of home brew with homegrown apache chillis (±6 on the Scoville scale). It was DIVINE and I couldn’t get enough of it. Now I separate a batch and flavour half as my daughter also enjoys the brew but not chillis – give this tip to any chilli lovers out there, it’s really tasty and super healthy into the bargain.

  2. I tried adding Pama Pomegranate Liqueur to Kombucha Tea and… BLISS! very nummy!

  3. nomeatmonday Says:

    My husband just handed me his overly fizzy (which we all love) Kombucha while I was drinking sweet tea vodka. While I love the effects of vodka, it sounded enticing to drink the, ying, shall we say, with a little yang (vodka). I decided to google it to make sure I didn’t stumble on an epic thought to rehydrate and nourish while depleting and dehydrating … but you got here first :]

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