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The difference between buying kombucha in the store and brewing your own kombucha February 3, 2009

I can break down the difference between store bought kombucha and brewing your own kombucha pretty easily:

Probably the biggest thing is price. I’ll put it this way, if you buy a bottle a day, let’s say you have 30 bottles a month, 360-365 bottles a year at 5 bucks a bottle. That comes out to 1,825 dollars a year on kombucha tea alone! So much for that new computer you were planning on buying…BUT if you brew your own bottles it comes out to literally pennies per serving, there is the money that goes into buying a kombucha brewing system but after a month of not buying kombucha bottles at the store it has literally paid for itself.

CONTROL THE SUGAR, (kombucha good for diabetics)
You can control the amount of sugar your kombucha has. Most commercially brewed kombucha you buy at the store is loaded with sugar so unfortunately diabetics can’t enjoy the other benefits of kombucha. To control the amount of sugar simply brew longer and your kombucha will “digest the sugar” if you will. This process also allows you to control the fizzyness, some people like it super fizzy, some don’t, simply let it ferment longer for more fizzy kombucha.

Some people are really sensitive to caffeine so the idea of store bought kombucha isnt really a good idea. BUT!!! When your brew your own kombucha you can use non caffeinated tea such as honeybush and rooibos for kombucha brewing. You can check out the entire selection of teas approved for kombucha brewing


3 Responses to “The difference between buying kombucha in the store and brewing your own kombucha”

  1. mirinda Says:

    I ferment for 15 days then place into bottles with 1/2 cup favorite juice. Once capped tightly I let it set for an additional 15 days for fermenting and to build the fizzy. (I prefer lots of fizz) Unfortunately my Kombucha does not fizz at all. (Not even a little) Can anyone tell me why I can not get a fizz from my drink? 30 days should be long enough to work something up.

  2. lynda Says:

    have’nt brewed any yet but sounds like the thing to do i can’t wait

  3. drumlovejohn Says:

    If you want to add some fizz, after bottling (but before you cap it :-)… ) add 1/2 teaspoon spirulina.

    stand back when you open and open slowly

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