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How to Feel Wealthy Instantly! March 31, 2009

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Tags: is a proud Gold Sponsor of the 2009 Arc Walk for Independence is a proud Gold Sponsor of the 2009 Arc Walk for Independence

Hi Everyone! Dave hear (and see, smell, taste, and touch!), I can not begin to tell you how grateful everyone here is at

Over the past weekend, this itty bitty tea site that was once started by persistent curiosity reached another milestone, by sponsoring our first ever non profit charitable event; The 2009 ArcWalk for Independence.

I have personally experienced the awesome affects of giving for many many years now, and to now be in a position where (Y)OUR* company can take it to another level is a true accomplishment. In this economic time, more than ever, I think it might be helpful to ask yourself:

“What truly makes you feel like a million bucks?”

This past weekend, along with over two thousand inspiring people, I was reminded. Enjoy the pics…

Here with Ashwin and Fernando, 2 of the best event organizers around!

Here with Ashwin and Fernando, 2 of the best event organizers around!

Can you find us?  Here's a hint, we are the only "" company.  Also Coca Cola is one level higher in sponsorship, but give us a few more years and we'll be there too!
Hmmm, I still think I'm the biggest clown in this photo!

Hmmm, I still think I'm the biggest clown in this photo!


8 Responses to “How to Feel Wealthy Instantly!”

  1. Evelise Says:

    RD (Rockin Dave), I knew that is exactly what you look like! It was just how you “sound”. Your emails always spark a smile. Even as I lost my job last month and my car has been in the shop for exactly as long. It is actually laughable now, but during my near month long funk, your emails have always brought a smile.
    I love how you give back. Maybe offering to let a small percentage of purchase price be donated to ARC would help with sales as well…..? I am totally inspired to start my KBrew.
    Thanks for all you do Rockin D! Life is so fun & full & I’m so ready to have kombucha in my life. What is my best deal right now to get started? I’m READY! XO, Evelise in Austin, TX

    • dlindy2730 Says:

      Hey There RE (peeps reading, gotta figure out what the RE stands for) —

      so sorry for not getting back sooner.

      Best deal we have is our Summer Deluxe Brewing System Sale.

      Thank you for all your kind words. That day was definitely a milestone for our company and myself. What I did not realize is that it could also have an impact on others, such as yourself.

      You really did just make my day!!


  2. charles Says:

    Thanks Dave , i had a feeling you were more than Kombucha, although that is not a bad thing…….
    Peace and gratitude to you and your family and friends. C

  3. amy Says:

    Hey KD, (kombucha Dave)

    Just wanted to tell you that I think you’re awesome!
    You inspire me!

  4. Sarah Says:


    Honestly, sincerely and truly, thanks for everything. Living where I do, taking care of oneself and doing it naturally are virtually unheard of. People in my community make fun of me for recycling and Kombucha (you might not want to read this part) is UNKNOWN. Thanks for keeping it real and keeping it in front of us regularly.

    And don’t worry, my evil plan to convert them all to Kombucha drinkers is underway!


  5. michelle Says:

    dear dave,

    thanks. thanks for being.
    you’re such a joy to communicate with if only through weekly tips and an occasional question. nonetheless, you make me smile and bring a lightness to the world. thanks for being you and for following your path.

    you’re wonderful!

  6. Big Mamma Says:

    My Dear Dave,

    I’ve read all these wonderful comments and I want to say:
    “Ditto for me, too!” Who says children can’t inspire and teach
    their parents?! You make me proud and very thankful that G-d sent you to me. Happy brewing….and never stop looking at the positive side of life….always take those lemons that come along every so often and make a big pitcher of lemonade.

    Love ya,
    Big Mamma

  7. MissBeth Says:

    Seeing that you helped to sponsor such an event makes me glad to be one of your customers.

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