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May 18, 2009

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Below is another personal success story from one of our customers. Though we are not allowed by the FDA to make any claims, and you should always consult with a Medical Doctor if you have specific questions regarding your health, I find personal stories like this one, truly inspirational!

The great thing is that this person at first had her reservations about brewing at first. But like many of us, soon realized just to sit back, relax and get brewin!! ENJOY

Just wanted to pass on a really nice effect that my Kombucha tea has given me.

I had forgotten what it was like for my body to actually digest food properly. Actually had not realized that I wasn’t digesting my food as it is supposed to be until about my 2nd week of about 4 to 6 ounces per morning.

I have been feeling sooo much better. I can actually hear my food digesting at times and my intake of antacids is going down to nearly nill..

The rawness from having to pass poorly digested food is close to 99% improvement and spending my weekends in the bathroom is over. I have a life again and can go out and have fun and eat real food again.

I had nearly given up on the Kombucha until I saw the comment of how getting the trots when first drinking the tea was normal and part of the body expelling the bad stuff that builds up in a persons body.

So I tried again and gave it 2 extra days. It was only 2 occasions for the fast dash to the bathroom. After that things have gotten better and better everyday.

I feel better and it’s true, for myself anyhow. My hair is growing faster and people keep looking at me like something is different. They say I look lots better and healthier.

It also looks to me that my toenail fungus is clearing up! I have had a severe toenail fungus problems for years and years. Usually about every 5 to 6 weeks I have to do some serious digging and clipping on my toenails to ease the constant soreness and pain from toenails growing improperly and very painfully. It’s been nearly 3 months with only once having to do minor clipping and digging with not even a tenth of the pain from my homemade surgery.

I can see real pink healthy growth at the base of my toenails . The clipping I do now is almost always just trying to keep up with how fast my toenails are growing. I can even put nail polish on them now. Before all I had were tiny spaces left after my homemade surgery and painting that would only bring notice to the poor condition of my toenails.

Also I am not a Doctor but I have begun keeping close track of my allergies. At first, for about around 5 or 6 days the tea irritated my allergies. I would sneeze tons and my sinuses would just run really bad for about 15 minutes soon after drinking the tea.

Now my mornings are much better. Well, except when the dog is shedding really heavy. It’s still much improved though. My guess is that things were working about the same as getting the trots at first. The Tea expelled a lot of the yucky stuff and now is slowly helping my body get better and better.

My allergy meds are down from 3 different prescription drugs to otc(generic zyrtec) and occasional cough syrup when the dog is shedding hair storms in the house.

Thanks again Dave and Co. for getting back to me so fast in the beginning. I would have passed all this good stuff right on by if you all had not reassured me that your company does really care.

That made all the difference God Bless and Good Luck.

Thanks Again, Sunny


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  1. Janet Says:

    The jury is still out and I am not making any claims. But. I’m just starting chemotherapy for advanced breast cancer (stage IIIc). I included ginger root slices in my K-Tea for the nausea and so far thats working. Since my immune system was compromised immediately, I got a sore throat. Either the Neulasta kicked in or the “7 day” brew helped quell the soreness. Burned like heck at first. I drink K-tea with each meal, (I have to count calories to get enough) and finally stablized my weight. I still have 40 lbs to play with until I’m done with chemo on Oct 5 but I’m depending on K-Tea to help me thru chemo and into surgery to clean out the residue.
    Locally, I’ve been asked to conduct classes on brewing Kombucha from our health food co-op.
    Unlike others, my body slurped up the K-tea like I had been drinking it for years. (Wish I had). Like I said, the jury is still out but I like the results so far.

  2. Wendy Says:

    I started drinking Kombucha several months ago. At 29-years-old I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I tried everything over the last 9 years to manage my condition, to no avail. I finally gave up trying and resigned myself to the fact that I would have to live in this old woman’s body for the next 50 years or so of my life.

    Not anymore! Kombucha is absolutely amazing. I have never felt this good – certainly not since being diagnosed with Fibro. People keep commenting about how good I look – they can’t quite put their finger on exactly what it is that’s different, but they know something’s different.

    The benefits I’ve experienced since drinking Kombucha – more energy more energy more energy (a rare commodity for those of us with Fibromyalgia!); stronger nails (haven’t seen them this strong and long since being on Prenatal vitamins!); no more acne (save for the rare minor breakout around that time of the month); sleep sleep and more sleep (again, a rare commodity for those of us with Fibro … I’m getting a RESTFUL night’s sleep nearly every night now!); clarity of thought (yes, another one of those rare commodities for those of us with Fibro … fibro fog can wreak havoc on our brains at times); memory (this probably goes along with the focus thing, but my memory is finally back baby!). Oh, and did I mention energy?? 😉

    I started brewing my own tea a little over a month ago, simply because I knew I would drink this tea forever, and I couldn’t afford the $4/bottle price tag. Still trying to perfect the brewing process, but I’m loving my homemade stuff.

    I love Kombucha. There is no doubt this is by far the greatest solution to managing Fibromyalgia.

    -Wendy (

    • nina Says:

      Dear Wendy,

      I hope you get to read this. I must say, I can’t believe I’ve found a story so close to mine! I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 28 years old. I’ve tried everything for the first 3 years, hormones, blood thinners, colonics, chiropractors, Ayurvedic herbs, Chinese meds, acupuncture, opiades, etc. I finally gave up and I’m now 31 and reluctantly used to live and feel like a grandma.

      But something happened last night. I had my first Kombucha, a friend gave it to me just because she likes the taste, not because of all the “it cures it all” buzz about it. And today, I woke up rested, refreshed and SO energized, I knew something was different. Then the day continued, I went for a walk, and I even skipped my usual “I need a break nap” and here I am, at almost midnight researching online WTF is in this kombucha because I’m feeling amazing!

      I wanted to ask you, since I see your post its about a year old, If you had continued drinking the kombucha and how are your Fibromyalgia symptoms now. I really feel amazing, but I hate to get hopeful and then be disappointed… So, please, If you actually read this, I’ll love to hear back from you. Please write


  3. Tricia Says:

    Hi Dave and All!! I’ve been “drinking” for two months now- and the brain fog is lifted, I sleep better, my complexion is clearer, my nail fungus is almost gone- and please say a prayer that “The Tea” is keeping my cancer from re-occuring! My only complaint is that I have terrible GAS! So, I went out and bought some GasEx, and keep right on drinking( I would like to know why the gas and what I am doing wrong in my brewing)!! My best to ya’ll! Tricia PS One of my friends is also “drinking” thanks to me.

    • Jean-Michel Says:

      Hello Tricia,

      Gas : I think you may drink your K-T with too much sugar. I have the same with mine, when too much sugar in it, and I have then acne coming at the same time. So may be put less sugar initially + let it ferment a little bit longer … and please tell me what happens then …


  4. SteveOdus Says:

    I am really happy to find this post. please post more for us to read… Thanks

  5. Tina Williams Says:

    What quatity of Kombucha do you drink per day? Thanks Tina

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