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Thanks AND Giving… November 26, 2009

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I love tea and turkey

Turkey and Gravy and Stuffing, Oh My!

Those that know me, know that I LOVE sleeping in late.. yes I know it is not healthy and I think the reason why is that it is a reminder everyday that I truly do work for myself (mind you I could easily wear a poka dot bathing suit while I work to remind me of that, which would be a healthier habit, but I digress)…

The think is, when I do wake up early I am always so happy that I did.. I get more done before noon than what I usually do the whole day (except those all night sessions back in the day when I was frantically learning how to build my website and figure out how to launch this company… ah the good ole days!).

Anyway – last night when I got home from Dodgeball already pretty late, my friend and co-worker Ron mentioned that he was going to get up to volunteer on Venice Beach to help feed the homeless.

Great I said, “Count me in, what time?” – ooops. He than told me 6:30 (which I assumed 6:30pm!) — long story short and 3 cups of tea later, ensured one of my most memorable T days ever!

Where ever you are in this world, remember there are always things to be cherished and people that need some help. With much love, gratitude and understanding.


make kombucha

I am thankful for Venice Beach

kombucha cultures

Anothony the event organizer and Mary the event entertainment!

the benefits of kombucha tea

Me and my neighbors helping out and smiling


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