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Ask Dave #11: Kombucha and Ph Levels March 16, 2010

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kombucha and ph

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Hey Dave, I have been using the Continuous Brewing system for about a year now and have had great success and really enjoy the brew.

I do have a question about PH Levels. I would like for my K-Tea to be 7.0 but at bottling time it is 2.3. Is it OK to add a Alkaline Body Balance to the bottled tea to achieve the 7.0 PH level.

I have seen a couple of interesting benefits of Kombucha.I have had a couple of friends complaining of stomach ache and I gave them a glass of Kombucha and they were filling better and happy shortly after.

A friends girlfriend thinks the stuff improves the boyfriends disposition and wants him to drink it regularly.

I use it after workouts and fill good and relaxed from the bout.

Thinks Mark


In our opinion this is a HUGE no no! Kombucha is a weak acid, which means that, much like lemons and apple cider vinegar.. when ingested it binds to minerals in your body to create and encourage alkalinity, and what I mean by that is that even though it is acidic externally… it becomes alkaline internally.

Having kombucha bottled at a ph higher than 3 increase its chance of pathogens.. ever notice how regular tea that sits out gets gross and moldy even after a day or two and yet kombucha (while brewing with the culture), can sit at room temps for a long long time?

That’s the magic of the acetic acids and the low ph.

So What To Do About Making Sure Yuu Are Getting Those Minerals for The K-Tea To Bind With?

Throughout the day drink more alkalinizing foods, such as tons of leafy veggies and some of our non-kombucha teas and herbals such as: a green tea: or yerba mate:

They are packed with minerals that will compliment your kombucha drinking very nicely….

and of course, WATER!!!

Happy Brewin, Dave

PS: so happy you are lovin’ the k-tea.. I also enjoy it after a yoga class. But sip s-l-o-w-l-y 🙂
PPS: To get brewin click on the cool picture of our store below.
PPPS: To get movin check out a yoga class. 🙂 namaste

kombucha and ph

Home of the World Famous Kombucha Brewing System... and The Kombucha Brewin' DVD Set!


4 Responses to “Ask Dave #11: Kombucha and Ph Levels”

  1. Alex Istanto Says:

    where can I buy kombuchatea ?
    I stay in Surabaya. East Java, Indonesia..
    Thanks. Alex

  2. bj Says:

    Hi Dave,

    At the beginning of your response about pH levels, you say that lemons, etc become acidic in your system when I think you mean alkaline.


    • dlindy2730 Says:

      Dude – you are the man! For the peeps that have no idea what we are talkin’ about, it is b/c we have already made the changes.

      Thank you — our readers RULE!!!

  3. Sam Says:

    I can’t find a solid answer regarding pH levels for my Kombucha.

    My current (and previous batches) are usually right around 3.2 and under. I haven’t kicked it yet, so I’m thinking this is safe……

    I’ve seen safe pH all the way to below 4. Any thoughts?

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