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Putting the GIVE in GetKombucha! March 27, 2010

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get kombucha is on the back of the arc tea shirt

thank you to all our kombucha customers!!!

Wow! second year in a row – and we feel amazing. Thanks to all the awesome customers that made this happen. With your purchase, you not only support a rad (yes. rad people, I’m bringin’ it back) itty bitty tea company, you also support sa-weet charitable events like this one.

Continue on with your weekend with a little more profoundness and happiness in your spirit 🙂 I feel so blessed right now… Also speaking of feeling blessed. Shout out to my sister who just gave birth yesterday to a beautiful baby girl. Can’t wait to go back to NY and see them… (still trying to grasp the fact that I am an uncle!).

Happy Brewin’,
Uncle Dave


3 Responses to “Putting the GIVE in GetKombucha!”

  1. marya Says:

    Good work, Dave……and congrats! Now you get to rock as an uncle 8)

  2. Ricky T. Says:

    Great to see that you are giving back to the community! Congratulations on becoming a uncle Dave but wait until you become a Father! Love Kombucha and your awesome support that you provide for your costumers.

  3. Tammy H. Says:

    I’ve worked with this population for almost 15 years, and I’ve yet to see a an unauthentic high five or smile. We can all learn from the purity of their intentions.

    Clowns usually give me nightmares, but set to the music and smiles, they’re not so bad.

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