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Kombucha Real Personal Experience #19 August 24, 2010

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For many of us, we drink kombucha b/c we simply enjoy the taste. Or perhaps we like the fact that it helps digest our food a bit more and gives us a pick me up during the day.. or maybe it even helps with our occasional hang over.

The thing is, that it is not doing crazy miracles (well except the hangover remedy.. that is pretty miraculous in my book). When I started this company it was not b/c I believed that kombucha would make me fly or have super human strength. No it was b/c after drinking a bottle while at a busy-and-over-indulgent lunch it was the first time in years that i did not need to take my pharmaceutical acid reflux meds.

I know kind of boring huh? But that was my deal. I never experienced massive weight loss (probably b/c I wasn’t over weight to begin with), it never cured me of any “incurable” disease, and if you have ever met me the last thing I need is something to increase my energy levels 🙂

Ha ha – I know this is a pretty lousy way for a business owner to promote his product, but it’s the truth… I just liked the taste and like how it made me feel on a subtle level especially with digestion…

Which Makes Me Enjoy These Personal Experience Emails Even More!

ok – I am about to walk a tight rope with the FDA right now.. but I can not imagine how I can get in trouble for the truth so here we go:

Just because I have never experienced the most AWE—some miracles, does not mean that others have not, so I decided to begin sharing again the personal stories that people have shared with me through the years (AHEM.. with their permission of course).

Below is the EXACT copy and paste email of a fellow kombucha drinker.. notice I did not say kombucha customer, as I could care less if peeps choose to support our kombucha site or pick some up at a local market (when they have it back in that is).

What REALLY matters, is that we get the word out! Kombuchaholics. UNITE!

Happy Brewin’,

PS: What’s YOUR Kombcuha Experience? Write it in the comment section below!

Please note that these are personal experiences and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician. Consult with a health care professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.


Kombucha Real Personal Experience #19

My son has been on monthly chemo for a recurrent brain tumor for 32 months
now. At times he has had to delay the next cycle because of low blood
counts, particularly absolute neutrophils or the immune system.

He started drinking Kombucha bottled tea at the recommendation of his sister
who, ironically works at a Whole Foods in Pa. She thought it would help with
some of the “binding” issues that occur during chemo.

He started drinking it 14 days before this last cycle. The week before he was
to begin his neutrophils were at 1100, they must be a minimum of 1500 to start
chemo and at 100 they often transfuse.

Days later his counts were at 1900 – something that has never happened in the
almost 3 yrs. of chemo and one of the highest counts he has had in years.

His stomach discomfort and nausea were lessened this chemo round as well
due to the cleansing property of the tea.

When you speak to ABC feel free to use my son’s case as well. His name Brannon
Thomas Virginia Beach Va.

Gail Thomas


Thank you so much Gail for giving us permission to re-post this on our blog. I can not make any health claims to this (as it is currently against the law and I have never personally gone through chemo), but I can not tell you how amazing/grateful/joyous/blessed/happy it makes me (and I suspect many others) feel, to know we are be part of something bigger then ourselves!

Happy Brewin’


19 Responses to “Kombucha Real Personal Experience #19”

  1. Aradia Farmer Says:

    My husband and I love Kombucha and would be happy to stand by that statement publicly with you! Hey, FDA! Kombucha is next to godliness! My husband no longer has acid reflux thanks to kombucha, and we both use it as a “starter culture” in our guts when we’ve had too much to drink or have gotten sick to the point of puking. We’re back to normal flora in a few days less than if we waited for native recolonization. We have brewed our own from Day One because of YOUR website, Dave! Good luck, and thanks for being our voice to the FDA!

  2. Harry Says:

    Hi Dave,
    We use a considerable quantity of drinking water at our house, so we
    filter the tap water, to get rid of the chlorine etc, & we feel a whole lot
    better than when we drank tap water.
    I suspect that the kombucha process does some purifying too, as does
    beer making, but in a different manner, thus helping the stomach flora
    to thrive, & possibly feeding the flora as well.
    I see no reason for the FDA to be concerned, nor the US Govt. You’re
    just helping people make something good that wasn’t there before!

  3. Paula Newell Says:

    Dave keep on doing all you are doing. I started drinking Kombucha almost 2 years ago as I was having severe gallbladder problems. It was too expensive to keep buying it so I started making my own. Gallbladder is very happy now and gives me no grief. Since then I also started to share by selling it at Farmer’s Markets. Now my customers and a few Co-op’s in the area want me to make it for their stores. I swear by it as far as my good health goes and so do some of my customers. Why does the FDA always want to stop us from making what keeps us healthy. I also just got my results back from some blood tests…..liver function great, triglicerides great, cholesteral great. Is it the Kombucha ? who knows but I do know I feel so much better than before I started drinking it. Even the places I have Osteoarthritis seem to have less pain now as well. Happy brewing Dave and knock them dead.


  4. Joy Says:

    I love Kombucha just cuz it makes me feel good! I’m like you Dave, with no serious illnesses here (Thank God!). But it is just so much better than ANY kind of cola drink, juice or, dare I say, coffee? Naw, I still love my coffee! But coffee never made me feel good like KOMBUCHA DOES!

    Cheers to you DAVE…

  5. Adela Says:

    Hey Dave I truly believe that Kombucha tea is great. I have arthritis and since I have been drinking the tea I feel much better and stronger. I do have a question. Since I am new to the kombucha era i really to do not know what it is suppose to taste like. My tea’s taste is very strong like i am drinking vinegar. Also when I separate the tea and place it in a new container a new soeby starts to form. Can you help me?

  6. Linda Says:

    I love kombucha when I’m working in the garden. There isn’t anything I drank that replenishes my energy and assuages my thirst. Recently I took a round of antibiotics. No intestinal problems from the drugs.

    I, too, thinks it has helped my overall health. In ayurveda medicine the underlying principle is to have healthy digestion. Can’t beat kombucha for that!

  7. Christine Says:

    Hi Dave. I’d like to sing my praises to kombucha! My husband and I started brewing our tea about 2 months ago. He started with a gifted scoby and I used bottled k-tea as my starter. We both have had great results (mine a little better than his!) I drink a bottle every afternoon at work and find it so refreshing and enjoyable. Now, is it giving me energy? less joint pain? better digestion? clearer skin? Can’t be sure, but I know it makes me feel GOOD! And that’s what matters.

  8. JR Says:

    We have been brewing kombucha since August and the indigestion caused by fast food or other unhealthy is nonexistent after drinking a cup of kombucha tea. We have recently purchased a hydrometer to track the consistency of alcohol content and found that our last batch had an alcohol content of .34%. At this level we are below non-alcoholic beer and are excited to feel even the slightest improvement in health by drinking kombucha. Thanks for making so easy to brew our own tea Dave.

  9. Jane Says:

    Very Interesting!!
    I have always been one to bruise easy & would take a couple of weeks for the bruise to go away.
    I have been drinking K-tea for the past couple of months now.
    I, not know for my grace created some thing to fall off the wall & come crashing down on my shin. (@#%&*!!!! it hurt & thank goodness the grandkids were not around to hear it or I’da had to put much $$ in the cuss bucket lol).
    Anyway expecting to hav a huge bruise on my shin this morning I only had a very small mark. It’s still painful to the touch but there isn’t much of a mark. This is the first time in my life I have ever experienced the lack of bruising & can only contribute it to the Kombucha!!

  10. Susan Says:

    Having the continual brewing system makes it easy for me to have my Kombucha whenever I want it. I like mine better than any commercial brand. There is a local guy who sells some to a couple of health food stores that also makes a very nice selection. I can not say what part Kombucha has played in my healing over the last year, because I did some major changes in my diet as well. But I know it has a profound pro-biotic effect. I have almost no pain anymore, when an “8” rating used to be a good day, my allergies (seasonal) have disappeared, my skin has cleared up, and I lost 30 pounds since 10/09 as well as 6 medications.What part does the Kombucha play? It at least gives me a beveraqe that tastes good, and is not full of chemicals and GMO’s! It was interesting reading about the folks with GI tract problem,s and the help Kombucha gave them. Anything that gets people off the “little purple pill” as well as it’s OTC counterparts. When you have GERD or heartburn, you need MORE stomach acid not less! At least Kombucha helps built up your good microbes. One caution, those with heart issues and sensitivity to caffeine, should be careful with kombucha. Start gradually, and watch for any undesirable changes- like accelerated heart beat. I can drink Kombucha, but not regular coffee, so it may be okay for others too, since the caffeine seems to be tamed quite a bit. Thanks Dave for making Kombucha available for everyone. Oh, and my New Year’s toast will be a mix of Kombucha and champagne- they seem like they were made for each other!

    • Hi Susan,

      I have had problem skin forever and nothing seems to help! i was wondering what you have done differently and how long were you drinking kombucha before you think you started seeing results?

  11. I love Kombucha, and I’ve been drinking it for over two years. My kids drink it, too, and have far less severe colds and flus than all of the other kids at school. It’s definitely helped our immune systems. It clears up my problem skin, and seems to give me an immediate burst of energy when I drink it. BUT…it hurts my hands! I get severe pain in my hands when I drink it, for up to a week after, just like arthritis. It’s even worse if it’s wet and cold. And often I start feeling lethargic and exhausted within a few days of drinking it. But if I stop drinking it, the pain goes away and my energy levels return to normal. I’ve experimented with this quite a few times, just to see if it is indeed the kombucha, but the results seem consistent.
    Has anyone ever heard of this or have any idea what the reason might be? I don’t want to stop drinking it, because I love the benefits, but right now the cons are outweighing the pros.

  12. Kayla Says:

    Hi everybody,
    I just stumbled upon kombucha recently and have only been drinking it for about a month now, but when i do drink it, i immediately feel energized and it helps with suppressing hunger! I also feel more relaxed and stress free after a nice tall glass of kombucha!
    But because i am new to kombucha and its benefits i was wondering if more people could comment on if it helped with their skin. I noticed a flair up when i first started drinking it but it is going away now and seems to be slightly improving,
    i was hoping that others who have problem skin had any stories or advice!

  13. I was also wondering how long it took people too see results of any kind and how many glasses of it a day were you drinking? Right now i am drinking 1 glass in the morning to get my energy kick started for the day!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Kayla,
    I have problem skin on my back, and when I drink kombucha, my skin clears up almost immediately. I love it, but I may have to stop, because it hurts my hands, and causes severe, arthritis like pain and stiffness…I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with that!

    • Leah Wood Says:

      I’ve heard it has detoxifying properties, which could cause what you’re talking about: if you have toxins or excess anything built up in your joints, detoxing may push it out into your system and cause discomfort. It shouldn’t last very long, and if that’s what’s going on, it’s a good thing: you want to get the toxins out. How long have you been drinking kombucha? How long have the symptoms been going on? Skin conditions are also evidence of some toxicity in the body that it is trying to deal with, so if it’s helping with that, I would think it’s having a detoxifying effect and would continue and see if the pain and stiffness alleviate after regular use of kombucha.

  15. carol martz Says:

    I have the problem with my kombacha being like vinegar. I was enjoying my kombacha and then I added the second scobi to the batch and ever since it’s been terrible. What should I do?

    • Jael Says:

      Hi Carol. I think that you should remove the second scoby, or just cut them in half. You should also reduce the time of brewing. You don’t say how long you let it brew. In the beginning, it used to take my kombucha 12-14 days, today it only takes 5 days. It depends on the heat and how old the scoby is that you are using. You should try to taste it earlier, and when it no longer is sweet, it is ready. Good luck, Jael, Israel.

  16. sharky Says:

    i discovered GT’s kombucha at a job i once had about a year ago and started drinking it every morning. after a few weeks i noticed i was getting more energy and since then have started brewing my own since its a cheap hobby and i love the way it taste.

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