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GetKombucha Customer of The Month September August 31, 2010

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september 2010 kombucha customer of the month

Our September Customer of the Month comes from the state of the Fighting Blue Hens (do you know what state that is for all you trivia buffs.. write it in the comment section at the end of this post!).

We pimped Dan out with a FREE Jioagulan Magic Vine Tea Kit and he pimped us out by rockin’ our TEA-shirt.

Below Dan shares with us a little insight to his experience with kombucha!

Remember post YOUR kombucha experience below to be considered for our next month’s cusomter o’ the month.. you never know what free goodies we will send you.. heck I might even take a road trip to personally deliver it to you!

Take it away Dan..

Happy Brewin’,


I really love the taste of this stuff. I don’t brew and drink for the taste, I’d drink it anyway because I experience a lot of health benefits…but I’m SOOOO glad that it tastes awesome! As much as I love K-T I love kombucha-jiaogulan tea even more. My wife and I couldn’t stop drinking it. We made a really powerful batch that brought out a strong cleansing reaction. It was a little bit uncomfortable but we just went overboard. 😉

We try to eat 80-90% organic and 50-70% raw on a consistent basis and KT & KJT is a wonderfully easy and tasteful 😛 way to boost us toward this goal.

I’m still experimenting but my favorite way to brew it so far is to use the following ingredients: the full amount of K blend in two gallons of water. The full amount of suggested J vine. I have used glass bottles before but the Continuous Brewing System (from Dave 😉 is really faster and more convenient for me.

I haven’t worked in the gogi berries and licorice root yet, but I’m looking forward to going back to the video and/or blog and learning more about that soon.

I sure hope you don’t run out of this stuff!

~ Dan”


8 Responses to “GetKombucha Customer of The Month September”

  1. Lena Says:

    yes….the blue hen state…Delaware I was born there

    incidently here’s my testamony about kombucha:
    I grow Apple Mint Tea in my back yard. Now I’m making Apple Mint Tea & sweetening it with Agave Nectar, and it makes wonderful Kombucha. I’ve been making that all summer. I mostly use it for all the health benefits I get.

  2. Herme Says:

    Delaware!!! I’m a Kiwi… I had to cheat and look into the electronic crystal ball aka google since no-one had posted a reply yet 😀

  3. jesse crandell Says:

    Happy 31! Mine was on 7/6 of this year (same as the Dalai Lama (yay!), George W Bush (boo!), Frida Kahlo, and Sylvester Stalone! I think I speak for all of us, celebratin’ w/ tight jams and loose women, haha! Really, livin’, givin’ lovin’, laughin, learnin’, same as I celebrate every day! I took the day, and the following, off of work, took my housemates to dinner, played some music, laughed a lot, gave my honey some good (I sincerely hope) lovin’, meditated a little, smiled a lot…

    Love and gratitude,

  4. boomerina Says:

    Hey….what’s with the full view of trash cans and 1/2 a body in a teashirt?

    • Dan Says:

      Dave cropped the picture to keep my bad side out. 😛 I didn’t even notice the trash cans. I was supposed to get a picture to Dave a few days ago and I just needed to get it done. It was a nice day! 🙂

  5. Eve Says:

    Cool t-shirt! I started brewing K-T for my health. I have Fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. I have only been drinking if for a week, but I am already hooked. I also have gotten a friend at work to try it, because he has gout. I would love to purchase the system, but can’t afford it. 😦 Maybe some day. To bad I can’t purchase just the crock, and not all of the other stuff. On well, I did purchase my cultures and followed your instructions to the letter, and my first batch came out excellent! You have the bet Kombucha site on the net. Thank you for all of the great information.

    • Linda Says:

      You can often find a used water crock with spigot in a thrift store. It will usually have the plastic ring as well. Then you just need to find a cloth and rubberband. I use a linen table napkin for my cloth.
      Good hunting

  6. Nina Joy Says:

    Wow! I tasted my 1st Brew! OMG! Yummy!!! Thanks Dave for everything!
    Love, njoy

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