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Ask Dave #12 – Kombucha Culture Care Tip #9 October 13, 2010

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Hi Dave:

I just bottled my first brew and it felt great to produce this wonderful

My question has to do with the Scoby that came with my continuing
brewing system. It floated to the bottom from day one. I tried to place it
on the top again after bottling, but it sank to the bottom again. Is this

Another Scoby started to form on the top, but when I pored in a new
batch on top that Scoby buckled under the pressure, so I tried my best to
unfold it to allow it cover the entire top again, is that normal?

Thank you,

====== DAVE’S RESPONSE (hey that’s me!) ==========

Hi Holly,

Your first question.. we spoke about this a few other times.. whether sink or swim,, it’s
all good! – This has to do more with the density of the culture rather than the health
of it.

The only difference is that if the culture sinks, there is a greater chance (over time), that
a new culture will slowly form… which leads us to your second question.

Best. Segue. Ever. Huh?
This comes down to a matter of Focus and Timing.. with a little ingenuity sprinkled on top.

FOCUS: First decide if presently it is more important to create a new layer of SCOBY
or to make more kombucha tea.

If you are jonesin’ for the buch and your current culture is extremely healthy, pour the tea on and
simply discard the thin film. If it is too thin it will not continue to grow unless you spend a ton of time
positioning it to float again on top.. but none of this should matter as long as you current culture is

TIMING: Now I know that some of us grow quite fond of our new born scoby babies, so you
could also do the following… Time you brew cycle so that you do not add anymore tea on until the new
culture is thick enough to be a full on culture and can handle a little pressure of sweet tea being poured
on top of it.

THE CONTINUOUS BREWER ADVANTAGE: One of the cool benefits of using one of our Kombucha
Continuous Brewing Systems, is that you can both dispense and bottle without ever disturbing the cultures!

Say for example in your situation where it was time to bottle and you wanted to make a new batch of tea.
All you would do is bottle down till the premeasured spigot line (for more info we have created a full video
showing you the refill line that comes with your purchase of a brewing system), and wait a few extra days
for the culture to thicken up before adding the new tea.

This way while you wait for your culture to get all growns-up (maybe he/she will go to college and back pack
through Europe for a summer or two), you will be enjoying your bottled k-tea!

Happy Brewin’
Dave 🙂


4 Responses to “Ask Dave #12 – Kombucha Culture Care Tip #9”

  1. Nathan Says:

    We are now getting a baby kumbucha scoby, and i dont know how to take care of it. Because we got it from a friend but they live far away from here and cant call them. Please give me some advice. Thank you

  2. Kristin Freeman Says:

    I just wanted to say That your articles are so fun to read! Thank you!!

  3. Opal Says:

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    feature contents, thanks

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