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Truth or Dare? … things are about to get really really fun! October 12, 2011

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Fair Warning: This email is loong and mushy. It’s
not really on a Kombucha Mushroom or a
Kombucha Recipe but on how to get Happiness for
75 cents an hour.

For a few months now I have been teaming
up with my talented friend Theresa and performing
custom made Beatles songs to random people.


The person answers a few questions, like:

What song they would like me to cov
Who’s it for and what’s the occasion
Anything they want me to add or mention

I then take this information and learn the original
song on guitar, then re-write the lyrics, then print
them up to send to Theresa, who comes over that
week to rehearse and film the live performance.

But Wait There’s More. I then upload the video
to my computer, edit it (this is me, the same guy
who accidentally deleted close to one thousand
reviews on our site, so even something as simple
as uploading a video take a looong time), and
finally upload it on YouTube.

All in all, it is about 3 hours of work.

What I forgot to mention is that we get paid
for these gigs. It varies a little bit on how long
the song is, but we do a 30 sec vid for a
whopping FIVE BUCKS!!

Oh yes.. that’s total, and after the fee that
the site takes from connecting us it comes
out to 4 Bucks… Total!

Which is 2 Bucks each or…
Seventy Five Cents Per Hour!!!


So by now you are probably asking,
heck screaming…

“Dave, Why Would You Do This?”

The answer is pretty simple actually.
It’s because

It reminds me how I felt 5 years ago when I was
just starting

You have to remember that back then kombucha
was just getting popular online, and everybody
thought I was CRAZY*.

My family and friends were supportive and happy
to see me so passionate, but they could not
understand why I was so excited about something
that, at the time, was bringing in enough money
to barely cover my rent check.

And while money is one great measure of
success, one can argue that happiness is
perhaps an even greater measure.

Over the past 5 years, I have come to the understanding
that is is not specifically Kombucha that has ignited my
passion, but the fact that THRU Kombucha I have been
able to help people and increase their happiness… which
in return increases my happiness.

And it is with that last statement that a light bulb** went
off in my mind!

I began with a question… (I have learned thru the years
that questions can be crazy powerful, like Mr T. I Pitty
The Fool powerful!).

I asked…

“What Else Can I Do To Increase The Happiness Of
My Peeps?”

I use the term “Peeps”, b/c I would like to believe that our
relationship is more than what the others view as “customers”.

In the past I have done tons of sales and promotions, which
are nice (I mean everyone likes to save money on awesome
stuff, right?) – but this time I thought what else can I do.

So, naturally I asked another question, this time a little
more trippy…

“What haven’t I thought of beyond kombucha and money that
will cause happiness more than any other time?”

I asked this question when I was in a really good state/mood.

In fact, it was right after Theresa and I finished doing some
Custom Beatles Songs and I said:

“I should do this for my Kombuchaholics on the newsletter!”

To which T responded…

“You totally should. I dare ya!”


So naturally I am going to do just that!!

Here’s The Thing. Our new website will be launch in a few
weeks.. and I have been working at things that I really don’t
enjoy like, setting up merchant accounts, ssl servers, new
copy, and the dread of loosing 5 years of SEO rankings…

They are not horrible things.. I mean I would do them over,
let’s say laundry, but I would much rather add value to this
world thru other ways like.. more kombucha videos, products,
support, and yes.. Beatles Songs!

So I decided to take a break.. and by break I don’t mean Hawaii,
I mean committed to giving you the gift of song 🙂

So Here’s The Deal!

I will write, play, sing, and record for you a custom made 30 second
one of a kind Beatles song of your choice to the next 42 orders that
come in.

These orders can be on anything.

Bottled Kombucha Tea
Kombucha Extract
Essential Life Tinctures
Kombucha Cultures
Kombucha Brewing Kits
Kombucha Heat Mat
Kombucha Tea Blend

And if one of the next 42 orders are for a Continuous Brewing System I will
bump it up to a Full Length Beatles Song!

This Is Awesome, What Do I Need To Do?

Just write in the comment section what song you’d like, what are some
things/ideas you’d like the lyrics to include, and who’s it for.

So It Can Be For Anyone?
Yep! Friend’s birthday coming up? Why not give them the best
gift ever. Forgot your anniversary? What better way of saying
sorry than thru song. 🙂

What Happened To The Typical Free Shipping or 15% Off Approach?
Those things are great, and we will def be having more of those things
to in the future, but at the heart of this the focus is less about promoting
a product and more about promotion happiness.

So let me be clear. Please DO Not make a purchase unless you have
already been considering it before reading this email now.

Happy Brewin’!
Dave 🙂

PS: If you are the next 42 orders just write in the comment section at
checkout what Beatles song you’d like, what are some things/ideas you’d like
the lyrics to include, and who’s the song is for and we will rock it for you!

* – well my friends and fam still think I’m crazy but now because I
wear those five finger toe shoes and use a neti pot.

** – energy saving fluorescent, of course. 🙂



4 Responses to “Truth or Dare? … things are about to get really really fun!”

  1. anne Says:

    love your spunk, happiness and singing and smiles
    I enjoyed and giggled my way through all of them.
    Also how wonderful to connect with other people who want to share joy
    I would like to purchase something and get a birthday song for my daughter in law Kate Duncan’s birthday on Monday Oct 17th

    • dlindy2730 Says:

      Hi Anne! Thank you so much! I think that is so cool that you want to get this for your daughter!! I am gonna email you right now.. but all you need to do is just write this on the comment section of the ORDER screen on

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I live in Canada so that says it all
    Dave you are nuts , but keep it up, you bring smiles to faces.
    I love your site and your course.
    I got my kombucha from a friend here in canada, but I got the know how from yoy.
    So thanks I love it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You are full of awesomeness!!! 🙂

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