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What’s YOUR Kombucha Story… April 5, 2010

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I first started drinking kombucha a few years ago after my brother bought me a bottle. I drank it off and on, but since it was pricey, it was more of a treat than anything.

After mentioning something to a friend, she told me she had experience home brewing kombucha and that it was pretty easy to do as well as a lot cheaper. I did a little bit of research on the process and happen to come across your kombucha website while looking for kombucha kits. I saw the deluxe package and thought about it for quite some time. I finally decided to splurge and buy it.

It was probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made!!!

The instructions and the Kombucha DVDs that came with it were very clear, thorough, and concise. It was really helpful to see you set it up.

The customer service is bar none the best I’ve ever delt with. Its nice to feel like I’m dealing with great people instead of some impersonal large company. You guys have been really great!

Making batches of kombucha with your set is so easy, I feel like I’m cheating.

You just bottle up your batch when the time comes and dump some more sweet tea in the container. Ever since I’ve been drinking the home brewed stuff, I’ve noticed,

    my energy level and mood have both increased dramatically

I used to go out for a drink now and then, but never really have a desire to except in social situations. I love giving out bottles to my friends and family as they enjoy it as well. Every week when I go into my chiropractor’s office, him and his wife seem to be pretty excited as I always bring them some. They’ve nicknamed me in their office, “kombu-john.”

When thinking about getting a gift for my girlfriend for an anniversary, I spent some time thinking about it. Finally, it dawned on me one day while I was sipping some of the liquidity goodness.

What a better gift to give somebody than the gift of health. She loves kombucha and was pretty stoked about getting it in the mail. She couldn’t wait for her first batch to be done and loves experimenting by adding dried fruit after bottling. She tells everyone about it and even shared her first batch with one of her classes. Honestly, buying the kit has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made… twice!

Happy Brewin,


Drinking Kombucha for Lactose intolerance April 6, 2009

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Well I can only speak from my personal experience as follows; Drinking Kombucha has all but wiped out my lactose intolerance symptoms. Does that mean I’m not lactose intolerant anymore? No not at all but I no longer take lactaid supplements and avoid pizza! I drink Kombucha pretty regularly which has lead to my knew found ability to digest lactose products much better.

So what causes lactose intolerance anyway?
Well from my understanding it is a lactase deficiency, what exactly does that mean…I’m no scientist=I do not have any clue.
But what I do know is the Kombucha does contain active cultures which combat the effects of lactose intolerance, so by drinking it regularly I can enjoy all the milk, and pizza I want (although that still may not be such a great idea). I wonder what a kombucha pizza would taste like? My guess: Not very good. I read somewhere that by drinking Kombucha 30 minutes before consuming dairy products you should be covered but that is simply not the case for me as I am not careful at all anymore, as long as I have enjoyed Kombucha tea throughout the week I am fine.

I have not been able to find a ton of information on lactose intolerance and Kombucha, what have you guys heard? The lactose intolerance community deserves to know!


The difference between buying kombucha in the store and brewing your own kombucha February 3, 2009

I can break down the difference between store bought kombucha and brewing your own kombucha pretty easily:

Probably the biggest thing is price. I’ll put it this way, if you buy a bottle a day, let’s say you have 30 bottles a month, 360-365 bottles a year at 5 bucks a bottle. That comes out to 1,825 dollars a year on kombucha tea alone! So much for that new computer you were planning on buying…BUT if you brew your own bottles it comes out to literally pennies per serving, there is the money that goes into buying a kombucha brewing system but after a month of not buying kombucha bottles at the store it has literally paid for itself.

CONTROL THE SUGAR, (kombucha good for diabetics)
You can control the amount of sugar your kombucha has. Most commercially brewed kombucha you buy at the store is loaded with sugar so unfortunately diabetics can’t enjoy the other benefits of kombucha. To control the amount of sugar simply brew longer and your kombucha will “digest the sugar” if you will. This process also allows you to control the fizzyness, some people like it super fizzy, some don’t, simply let it ferment longer for more fizzy kombucha.

Some people are really sensitive to caffeine so the idea of store bought kombucha isnt really a good idea. BUT!!! When your brew your own kombucha you can use non caffeinated tea such as honeybush and rooibos for kombucha brewing. You can check out the entire selection of teas approved for kombucha brewing


Question about my first kombucha brew January 24, 2009

Here is a question we recently got:

Got the brew kit a week ago, and am about to start to bottle my first batch. I noticed yesterday that the new culture that formed on top looked kinda blue. I read that cultures can mold and infect the tea, and now I am scared. how does this look to you?

Picture of a Healthy, yet Very young baby scoby

Picture of a Healthy, yet Very young baby scoby

If it is ok (i really hope it is), after i bottle the all the tea (and leave a little?) can i just put new brewed sweetened tea right on top of all the culture, or do i take some out?

Thanks for helping me out I am really excited to finally be brewing my own kombucha.


As far as I can see you look good to go!! just save around 15% (usually the spigot placement is a good measure of 15%) and pure some fresh tea on top.


To ensure a healthy and more evened out batch: After you pour your sweet tea on top of the SCOBY, draw a big ole glass from the spigot and pour it on top. This will take part of the 15% starter tea from your last batch that was on the bottom and place it on top of your new sweat tea. Kind of like a starter tea sandwich where the starter tea is the bread (rye, pumpernickel, any kind you want) and the sweat tea is the turkey (unless your a vegetarian, and then it would be the tofurkey).

This gently mixes the older more acidic brew with the fresh sweat tea, causing the ph level to drop a little bit faster before the sweat tea can become susceptible to harsh environmental conditions.

Happy Brewin’!


PS: Congrats on rockin out with the culture and a helluva great pic!


New Video IS Here!!… June 30, 2008

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Hi Ya’ll

A new video is up but it is exclusive to our newsletter subscribers… if you have not signed up yet, what the heck are you waiting for… join the largest kombucha newsletter on the internet (according to active subscribers… over SIX THOUSAND NOW!!).

You will also receive our 7 Day Mini Course Including the Complete Lessons.


Kombucha & Me November 24, 2007

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Hey guys! Well, recently reader Mike (hi Mike!) commented and asked a question that I thought would be best answered in its own blog, rather than on the comments board.

Mike: I’m MUCH more interested in what effects the Kombucha is having on your overall health and well-being. Do you feel any differently? Are you noticing any benefits which you believe are related to the Kombucha?

I’m sure most of you wonder and are interested in the same thing. It’s a bit hard for me to answer, because I didn’t approach kombucha with one of the many needs (i.e for candidaet cetera), so it’s not quite cause and effect for me.

What I have noticed:

Clearer skin (but first I had a mini-breakout, probably due to my body’s detoxing)

Better digestion, and more normal belly issues all around

When I drink it with a meal, I have less propensity to over-eat.

When I drink it with or after an alcoholic beverage, I feel better that day and the next day.

I’ve used the culture on my hair as shampoo (noticeably softer hair) on my skin (dried up some acne) wrapped up with a cut (the cut didn’t get infected and did heal quickly.)

Hope these little things I’ve noticed help. I’d love to hear your successes, attempts, and wish-list for kombucha!




Oops. October 16, 2007

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There are no excuses for my blogging absence.

But I’ve been drinking the kombucha. And enjoying it!

[tmi] i’ve had a few floating poos [/tmi]

I keep rubbing k-creme on my burn, and though it still hurrrtssss it seems to be healing rather quickly. Who knows what kombucha really does? I’m the type of person who will always wonder if any drug’s effects are actual, or psychosomatic. This goes for holistic medicine, as well as Western traditional medicine. How much of healing is in our heads? But– when you get down to it, I don’t care one smidge. If believing (or being “deceived” by the promises of a drug) makes a positive difference in my physical or mental well-being, I’m all for it. So, two weeks into the Challenge I can’t make a list of things I’m positive kombucha has done for me, but I can say with assurance I like drinking it, I like the way it makes me feel, and I intend to continue. Isn’t that enough?!


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