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Drinking Kombucha for Lactose intolerance April 6, 2009

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Well I can only speak from my personal experience as follows; Drinking Kombucha has all but wiped out my lactose intolerance symptoms. Does that mean I’m not lactose intolerant anymore? No not at all but I no longer take lactaid supplements and avoid pizza! I drink Kombucha pretty regularly which has lead to my knew found ability to digest lactose products much better.

So what causes lactose intolerance anyway?
Well from my understanding it is a lactase deficiency, what exactly does that mean…I’m no scientist=I do not have any clue.
But what I do know is the Kombucha does contain active cultures which combat the effects of lactose intolerance, so by drinking it regularly I can enjoy all the milk, and pizza I want (although that still may not be such a great idea). I wonder what a kombucha pizza would taste like? My guess: Not very good. I read somewhere that by drinking Kombucha 30 minutes before consuming dairy products you should be covered but that is simply not the case for me as I am not careful at all anymore, as long as I have enjoyed Kombucha tea throughout the week I am fine.

I have not been able to find a ton of information on lactose intolerance and Kombucha, what have you guys heard? The lactose intolerance community deserves to know!


Kombucha 2009!!! January 9, 2009

It’s 2009 and that means resolutions, and for me, this happens to be the year of Kombucha. I’m not going to marry myself to a 30 day challenge or anything like that because…well let’s face it look what happeneded last time when I tried to drink kombucha for 30 days. I crapped out. For me the mental challenge is more difficult then the actual drinking kombucha and documenting the results if that makes any sense whatsoever, it feels like extra credit in high school when you already had the A. I would rather just feel the results and go about my life drinking kombucha. What am I blabbing about? New years resolutions I suppose.

My new years resolutions for 2009 are as follows:
1. Exercise (regularly) – My problem with this in the past was I would exercise but completely irregularly and only yoga. The problem with youga though is that you can get your muscles so loose that you actually lose strength so it made it harder for me to do more body weight exercise, I hope to develop some kind of hybrid routine. Any tips? Post them in the comments.

2. Drink more Kombucha, Green tea, and yerba mate – Something I have more or less already been doing. Sitting here typing this right now I have my green tea sitting next to me and it really is wonderful. OH! And to drink less coffee, in a pinch I really don’t think coffee is that bad.

3. Eat healthy – This is probably the toughest one because it’s not that eat poorly now, it’s that I have poor eating habits. Over eating the wrong foods, under eating the good ones. This is largely do to ignorance on my part and not knowing what to eat. I’m going to be doing some more research on this one.

4. BE PRODUCTIVE and DEDICATED – To go balls to the walls about the things I’m passionate about and to make things happen for myself because guess what nobody else can do this for you.

5. Wake up early! – I’m lucky enough to have the kind of job where I can make my own hours but that doesn’t mean I want to waste y time and day. I wish I had a cold glass of kombucha waiting for me next to my bed in the morning, or better yet in the morning; yerba mate! Yerba gives me such a great feeling of well being, it’s great in the morning.

So my kombucha journey into 2009 has just begun. What are your goals this year?

*Note – After reading this I actually want to do another 30 day challenge of some sort.


Kombucha and DEATH!!!!

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I was in a meeting a few weeks ago and had a bottle of kombucha and one of the women I was meeting with asked me if that was kombucha (the bottle clearly said kombucha), I responded with “yes it is kombucha“. She then proceeded to tell me how dangerous kombucha it was and how KOMBUCHA WILL KILL ME, and now I have heard about (HEAR, AS IN SAW IT WHILE SURFING THE INTERNET… SO IT MUST BE TRUE… PLEASE LOOK UP SARCASM IF YOU DID NOT GET THAT LAST COMMENT) a few incidents where people who were drinking kombucha became ill but I have yet to find any conclusive evidence that it is actually do to kombucha.

Kombucha is so new (actually it’s been around over 2000 years) so when doctors found out that a healthy person died and they also drank kombucha well hell that must be it right? I really don’t think so but I do know more people have died from drinking sprite or red bull. Improper brewing can cause mold spored and/or toxins and if you brew in a lead container but that’s not the kombucha killing you, it’s you being stupid brewing in a poisonous container. NOTE: ALL OF THE PORCELAIN BREWERS FROM GETKOMBUCHA.COM ARE CERTIFIED LEAD FREE 🙂

Back to the lady, when I asked her why she said she just heard about it and really had nothing else to say except that I should not drink it. I like to do my own research and not base my lifestyle on misguided (well intentioned), I mean anything can kill you, water can kill you if you drink too much. Get to know your body and all is well.


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