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Top Kombucha Weightloss Benefits August 4, 2011

The Top Kombucha Weightloss Benefits. Visit – Today we discuss The Top Kombucha Weightloss Benefits and why it is really no mystery why people loose weight with kombucha. (more…)


Top Kombucha Benefits and Kombucha Side Effects July 20, 2011

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Top Kombucha Benefits and Kombucha Side Effects (more…)


My Kombucha Music Video! November 24, 2010

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This was sooo much fun to make! Enjoy our original My Kombucha Music Video.. and remember to pass it on via twitter and facebook!


Ask Dave #11: Kombucha and Ph Levels March 16, 2010

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kombucha and ph

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Hey Dave, I have been using the Continuous Brewing system for about a year now and have had great success and really enjoy the brew.

I do have a question about PH Levels. I would like for my K-Tea to be 7.0 but at bottling time it is 2.3. Is it OK to add a Alkaline Body Balance to the bottled tea to achieve the 7.0 PH level.

I have seen a couple of interesting benefits of Kombucha.I have had a couple of friends complaining of stomach ache and I gave them a glass of Kombucha and they were filling better and happy shortly after.

A friends girlfriend thinks the stuff improves the boyfriends disposition and wants him to drink it regularly.

I use it after workouts and fill good and relaxed from the bout.

Thinks Mark


In our opinion this is a HUGE no no! Kombucha is a weak acid, which means that, much like lemons and apple cider vinegar.. when ingested it binds to minerals in your body to create and encourage alkalinity, and what I mean by that is that even though it is acidic externally… it becomes alkaline internally.

Having kombucha bottled at a ph higher than 3 increase its chance of pathogens.. ever notice how regular tea that sits out gets gross and moldy even after a day or two and yet kombucha (while brewing with the culture), can sit at room temps for a long long time?

That’s the magic of the acetic acids and the low ph.

So What To Do About Making Sure Yuu Are Getting Those Minerals for The K-Tea To Bind With?

Throughout the day drink more alkalinizing foods, such as tons of leafy veggies and some of our non-kombucha teas and herbals such as: a green tea: or yerba mate:

They are packed with minerals that will compliment your kombucha drinking very nicely….

and of course, WATER!!!

Happy Brewin, Dave

PS: so happy you are lovin’ the k-tea.. I also enjoy it after a yoga class. But sip s-l-o-w-l-y 🙂
PPS: To get brewin click on the cool picture of our store below.
PPPS: To get movin check out a yoga class. 🙂 namaste

kombucha and ph

Home of the World Famous Kombucha Brewing System... and The Kombucha Brewin' DVD Set!


Kombucha the new redbull energy drink…that won’t kill you April 6, 2009

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Energy drinks!!! Energy drinks!!! Energy drinks!!!
Red Bull! Rockstar! Sobe! These things get you so pumped up you feel like you can do anything! Right!? You guys aren’t going along with me on this. What happened I thought we were all friends here…What do you mean you won’t enjoy a Redbull with me, haven’t you heard that Redbull gives you wings That’s right guys drinking Redbull will actually alter your DNA resulting in a painful growing process where wings actually sprout from your back. The good news is you can fly, the bad news is you have wings and you are destined to live a very lonely life on top of a very high building wondering where exactly you fit it in…then a bird poops on your head and you realize that it’s not with the birds either….What? Redbull, Rockstar, and all the other guys are actually bad for you? I had no idea…Ok maybe I knew of a few people who died from drinking these unhealthy poison drinks and then played sports and there hearts pretty much exploded, but hey those are just isolated incidents right?

RedBull gives you wings

RedBull gives you wings

Let’s get real for a hot second people, ENERGY DRINKS ARE POISON. Every now and again if I really need to pull an all nighter full of unhealthy regrets I indulge myself in a Redbull, because they do give you energy. But at what cost?

Drinking Kombucha tea gives you energy!!! Oh yeah that’s right, that healthy little glass of Kombucha gives you natural energy and if consumed regularly you should feel your energy levels sky rocket and you won’t feel like you just licked a bad toad. I actually tried Kombucha brewed with Yerba Mate the other day and wow I was feeling so good, it was such a euphoric energy buzz, it felt really great. Whenever I have a Redbull there is almost always a sence of guilt/am I going to die effect that comes with it. So let’s stick to Kombucha, Yerba Mate, and Tea for our energy.


So many names for Kombucha February 9, 2009

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Kombucha has been around for a very, very, very long time. Here are some names as you may find them in different countries:

Names for the Kombucha Culture:

Brinum-Ssene (Latvian)
Cainii grib (Russian)
Cainogo griba (Georgian)
Chamboucho (Romanian)
Champignon de longue vie (French)
Combucha (Japanese)
Fungus japonicus (Pharmaceutical name)
Funko cinese (Italian)
Hongo (Spanish)
Japan gomba (Hungarian)
Kargasok-Teepilz (German)
Olinka (Bohemian and moravian monasteries)
Tea mould (Java)
Teepilz (German)
Teyaki saki (Armenian)
Theezwam Komboecha (Dutch)

Names for Kombucha tea:

Cainii kvass (Russian)
Cainogo kvassa (Georgian)
Elixir de longue vie (French)
Kombucha-thee (Dutch)
Kombuchagetrank (German)


FAQ: Problems Brewing Kombucha

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Bubbles and Holes
We are used to seeing photographs of perfect Kombucha cultures and we are also used to seeing pictures of perfect looking people, but like people cultures are not always perfect, physically. These bubbles which sometimes looks like the bubbly crust on a pizza are simply air pockets. You can expel the air by gently applying pressure and pushing the bubble to one side of your culture. If your culture has a hole or two don’t worry it should still yield some awesome tea.

Yuck. Nobody likes mold but unfortunatley sometimes mold likes Kombucha, although rare. When this happens I recommend starting over with a new culture, our bodies take in mold consciously and unconsciously all the time but when we can avoid it, it’s usually best to. This just means that something went wrong in your process. In general avoid leaving your culture exposed to air for a long period of time when you harvest, keep covered with a cloth, and leave it away from any plants.

Placing your culture in hot tea before it has been given a chance to cool down risks killing your culture. You should always let the tea cool down first, if you are impatient trying place the pot of boiling tea into your sink filled with ice, although I would recommend just waiting.

Worn Out
When your culture is looking a little weak and worn out, chances are it’s time to give it a funeral and move on with it’s child. Your cultures should continue to multiply so don’t be afraid to throw them away when they die.

Population Problem
Cultures will continue to grow on top of one another. The tea you have it in however, will not continue to multiply. If you plan on keeping your cultures you need to give them their own jars to thrive in. Don’t be afraid to share the love with your friends and neighbors though. If you don’t have any friend maybe this is a good way to make some.

Thin Cultures
When you go to harvest your culture and it appears too thin chances are it means it was too cold. Your best bet is to keep the temperature between 70 and 90° F. In winter it might help to ad more starter tea to kick start the process.

Unless you have an industrial, quick freeze unit DO NOT FREEZE YOUR CULTURES. Your culture will starve to death you are better off giving it away.

Just so happens we have a video on this subject. Check it out Below:


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