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5 Great uses for kombucha January 9, 2009

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I am always coming across more and more awesome things kombucha does, here are a few…

Let your kombucha brew become very vinegary and then add it to your salad with some sage, fresh finegar, Olive oil, garlic and some red peppers to spice it up and you have yourself one healthy kombucha salad dressing!

1 – Kombucha for Itchy Skin – If you have itchy skin try using some kombucha vinegar, just rub some on your skin. This is good for people who have skin that is irritated by soap.

2 – Kombucha for Softer skin – Beat an egg white until it is frothy then add a tablespoon each of Kombucha Tea and honey. Apply it to your skin and let it dry, then sponge it off with cool water.

3 – Kombucha tea gargle,
Mix kombucha tea and honey before bed.

4 – Kombucha tea for pimples
Kombucha tea on a cotten bottle applied to your face to prevent pimples.

5 – Kombucha fly trap for home brewing kombucha
Take a take small jar and 1/4 way up with kombucha and a funnel on top and trap those suckers! Also has some cool free youtube vids about this!

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Day 3, Kom and get me! October 4, 2007

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Ok, so as days go… not my proudest.  I had a busy day filming some comedy shorts, and it’s hard to be very active when you’re couped up all day!   So, exercise?  Nada.  I’m exxxhausted.  No noticeable differences in me today.  AND I backslid:  drank a diet coke at the theater!  We all know soda is no good.  I need to start bringing a little thermos with me with either green tea or k-tea, so that circumstantial cravings won’t get the best of me.  Or the worst of me.  Or… just me in general.

I am exhausted.  Completely poop*ed.  (*Still sinking, by the way.)


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