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directory October 1, 2009

soon we will be posting a directory of peeps and sites we are ga ga over. stay tuned… in the meantime feel free to write a comment below of the people and sites that YOU like.


12 Responses to “directory”

  1. sheila Says:

    I love your site, and have been a huge fan of Kombucha!! Thanks for such a super blog, and I plan on getting that great deluxe dispenser you have on your site ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great blog, and love the colors too!


  2. Brooklyn Says:

    Are there any hazardous or negative results from kombucha? I very recently required a kidney removal because of cancer. I was told that there is the posibility that some cancerous cells could still remain. An Oncologist told me to wait four months and then they would do a CAT scan. Will kombucha prevent cancerous cell growth?

  3. laura Says:

    Many of my friends are wanting to start brewing their own kombucha as well. They say that I can separate a “baby” culture from the “mother”, but when I try to separate a layer, it doesn’t come away easily. I’m afraid to manipulate the culture too firmly, for fear of killing it. Is there a way to safely share my culture?

  4. Devon Says:

    Trying to find the kombucha kommunity (if there is a one by that name)- don’t see any links to it anywhere!
    Can somebody direct me in here “directory”!

  5. MARLA Says:

    The measure to judge is not when things go well but when things go wrong… where is everyone when you have questions?

  6. Henry Says:

    Was this site put together by a drunk??? Mostly it is run around with no answers. Never any way to comunicate. Always left hanging. I guess all that matters is that you make sales?????

    ==== DAVE’S RESPONSE =============

    I may or may not have been drinking when I thought it would be beneficial to create a place to build a kombucha community. Please, please, please read this and then read it again.. this blog is meant for YOU, we do not respond to each and every request, rather we use it to post articles, and answer select questions regarding kombucha. We encourage others to contribute to build a community. The success and/or failure lies on each of us. Our customer service can be reached here – when you submit a ticket, we will respond. This blog is a fantastic mess! – it was designed to encourage people to learn AND PARTICIPATE! sigh.. for those that know me and the way we run our company, you would see that a HUGE amount of my time is providing FREE information ( you know, like free videos, tips, recipes, techniques, the 7 day kombucha mini course, just to name a few).. and resources.

    People should expect a reply to every comment.. just not from me or getkombucha.. but rather other people within our community! This way we can all learn by sharing our experiences..

    Again, if you would like personal customer support please submit a ticket by emailing

    Happy Brewin’
    Dave ๐Ÿ™‚

    • GARY Says:

      Dave – we all appreciate your help so far, and I understand your reluctance to become the go-to-guy for answers – you’re right, we should always work to strengthen ourselves – That said, you seem to have put yourself here, with al lot of answers, so take a minute and answer them – a couple a day – I started an experiment under the mentorship of your post (the balancing act) and need some clarifications on the instructions – from what I have read, I’m not the only one with this request – please answer us

  7. Back 40 Says:

    A friend gave me a quart of the tea yesterday. How much do I drink at a time? On a full stomach or an empty one? Do I need to mix with water? Thank you

  8. facebook likes Says:

    Nice post about directory « Organic Kombucha. I am very impressed with the time and effort you have put into writing this story. I will give you a link on my social media blog. All the best!

  9. Beth Says:

    I received a case of GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha Botanic#3 for free. Unfortunately the expiration date on the bottles was 7-30-09. Does anyone know what I can do with this stuff? I hate to throw it all away but I don’t want to get sick or make anyone else sick. Suggestions….anyone?

  10. rose Says:

    Does the fruit fly contaminate the kombucha . Do I have to throw out the growth because flys are in the pot. Please I need a response quickly. thank you for your time.

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