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5 Great uses for kombucha January 9, 2009

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I am always coming across more and more awesome things kombucha does, here are a few…

Let your kombucha brew become very vinegary and then add it to your salad with some sage, fresh finegar, Olive oil, garlic and some red peppers to spice it up and you have yourself one healthy kombucha salad dressing!

1 – Kombucha for Itchy Skin – If you have itchy skin try using some kombucha vinegar, just rub some on your skin. This is good for people who have skin that is irritated by soap.

2 – Kombucha for Softer skin – Beat an egg white until it is frothy then add a tablespoon each of Kombucha Tea and honey. Apply it to your skin and let it dry, then sponge it off with cool water.

3 – Kombucha tea gargle,
Mix kombucha tea and honey before bed.

4 – Kombucha tea for pimples
Kombucha tea on a cotten bottle applied to your face to prevent pimples.

5 – Kombucha fly trap for home brewing kombucha
Take a take small jar and 1/4 way up with kombucha and a funnel on top and trap those suckers! Also has some cool free youtube vids about this!

check it out here:


Bottle It! October 30, 2007

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Hey guys! Sorry for the brief delay. I’ve been pondering my next steps…. the kombucha turned into a MONSTER! It’s big like a jelly fish. And it’s HUNGRY! Every day I taste the k-tea it gets less and less sweet. I was freaking out because I wasn’t sure what to do next… bottle it? Feed it? I talked to Dave, and it eased my mind. He told me to bottle it (in clean glass) and to put in 80% of the k-tea, so I’d have enough left over for the continuous brewing. I was worried about the whole precentage thing– but LUCKILY the tap is at the 20% point! So I was able to just pour it into a bottle until it didn’t pour quickly. Now, Wednesday when I see dave, I’ll pick up more dry tea, and make the kombucha a fresh batch to nibble on. My little Scoby’s so cute. Jodie. Sigh.


make sure, as your scoby grows that it’s not popping out of the k-tea. Use a wooden spoon or a clean finger to make sure she’s a little bit submerged.

We don’t want our darlings to choke!


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