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The Kombucha Hangover cure! January 24, 2009

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I will be the first person to admit the sometimes my idea of a healthy lifestyle conflicts with the reality of my lifestyle…make sense? Maybe not, so I’ll come out and say it, I like to drink sometimes. The worst part about drinking is the hangovers. I can remember two times specifically when I was so hung over and dehydrated that I could literally not move, I would drink water and throw it up. I was trying every remedy my weak mind could think of until my girlfriend came to the rescue with some kombucha. Kombucha tea for hangovers! I had heard about this but was in no state to actually remember, and no it was not an instant cure but oh my god did I ever feel a lot better after drinking kombucha. Since then every time I drink heavily which is really not that often, I drink kombucha before I go to bed and I hardly ever get hang overs. I use it as more of a preventative measure (don’t forget to drink lots of water while drinking too!). What made me think of the idea for this post was that last weekend I actually made a vodka and kombucha! This is genius people!


Monday in the Park with Dave. October 8, 2007

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Dave tells me, “You can do it!”

So, Champagne Sunday was a success! Instead of mixing champagne and kombucha, I concocted my own little beauty, by combining kombucha, soda water, and vodka, and then closing the bottle and letting it sit for a day. It was good tasting, and once again I’m pleased to announce no unhappy side effects today. Delicious! And a healthier drink than champagne, but just as fizzy!

Today I met with Dave. Erghhhh. The photos should give you a general feel for my mood. (I.e., whiny-pants.) How is Dave so perky in the morning? And whenever I was resting between exercises, I’d look over, and there’s Dave, doing pull ups, or jumping on things, or holding the weight of the world on his shoulders. Yeah. You get it. He likes to say we’re just at different places in terms of fitness. But where I am to where he is is a cross country drive in a U-haul with no ac.



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