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Can I Brew Kombucha with Tulsi? November 15, 2009

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I have just purchased the Deluxe brewing kit and will start my first batch this weekend using the ingredients supplied.

I am a big fan of Tulsi tea and I am curious if that tea can be used to as a base form Kombucha tea. Since it is not a real tea plant, it is the from the Holy Basil plant, does K Tea need to be based on the “real” tea plant?
Thanks for the information and video instructions as I jump into this project!


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Hey Mark!

So here’s the skinny… you CAN brew kombucha with other herbs/botanicals besides tea (I travelled to south america personally to get the BEST yerba mate for my brew.. which is not tea along with Rooibos which I also recommend for brewing for those that wish to make caffeine free kombucha!***).

BUT (there’s always a but, but this is a skinny small but) – I recommend 2 things:

1. Brew for at least 2 months with tea (camellias sinensis to be fancy).. we have our organic secret fair trade tea blend on our site.. but in a pinch any TEA will be fine. After 2 months you can start experimenting with other things besides tea.. such as tulsi (which is great, I’m a big fan of Ayurveda!)

2. VERY IMPORTANT!! still keep a 50/50 ratio of tea in your mix. So for your specific question: use half tulsi and half tea (black,green,white,oolong,combination) — you will still get a different unique taste profile and benefits with the tulsi.. while ensuring you have enough nitrogen for you scoby provided from the tea.

Happy (tulsi) Brewin’,

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