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Overfermented Brew Question November 15, 2009

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Ok, so I was out of town and had my wonderful fairy bottle my last and 2nd batch of my Kombucha. Problemo is that I have been gone for 3 weeks and I just got back and had a sip of what was left in my brewer. Ok, I felt like I just took a swig off of an apple cider jug. What should I do now? besides, cry. Do I clean my kombucha and cut it down to size and make a new batch of tea to add to what is in the brewer or should I just start all over and order anew.
Please help turn my frown upside-down.

Thanks Dave!,


cool! here’s the answer.

First off.. that crazy fermented k is still way good to use.. if it is too strong simply add about an ounce or two to a 32 ounce water bottle and SIP throughout the day. It will not taste like the fizzy joy you have enjoyed in the past but your body will actually be getting some specific organic acids that only form past day 15 of brewing!!

Now if it is still crazy hard to drink under any conditions, over fermented k tea can still be enjoyed externally… bath wash, great for skin burn, and a kick ass hair remedy.. click here to check out this vid I did 2 years ago..

Having crazy over fermented tea is nice to have to use as starter especially during winter, because it gets that ph nice and low from the get go to avoid yucky pathogens getting in there.

So you can start again and simply save 10 to 15% of the starter and begin anew with fresh sweet tea and the scoby.

In some of our premium vids we show you exactly the “cut and clean” scoby technique and of course you should probably sign up for our free newsletter to keep receiving some feel good kombucha love!

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Happy Brewin’,


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