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Kombucha and DEATH!!!! January 9, 2009

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I was in a meeting a few weeks ago and had a bottle of kombucha and one of the women I was meeting with asked me if that was kombucha (the bottle clearly said kombucha), I responded with “yes it is kombucha“. She then proceeded to tell me how dangerous kombucha it was and how KOMBUCHA WILL KILL ME, and now I have heard about (HEAR, AS IN SAW IT WHILE SURFING THE INTERNET… SO IT MUST BE TRUE… PLEASE LOOK UP SARCASM IF YOU DID NOT GET THAT LAST COMMENT) a few incidents where people who were drinking kombucha became ill but I have yet to find any conclusive evidence that it is actually do to kombucha.

Kombucha is so new (actually it’s been around over 2000 years) so when doctors found out that a healthy person died and they also drank kombucha well hell that must be it right? I really don’t think so but I do know more people have died from drinking sprite or red bull. Improper brewing can cause mold spored and/or toxins and if you brew in a lead container but that’s not the kombucha killing you, it’s you being stupid brewing in a poisonous container. NOTE: ALL OF THE PORCELAIN BREWERS FROM GETKOMBUCHA.COM ARE CERTIFIED LEAD FREE 🙂

Back to the lady, when I asked her why she said she just heard about it and really had nothing else to say except that I should not drink it. I like to do my own research and not base my lifestyle on misguided (well intentioned), I mean anything can kill you, water can kill you if you drink too much. Get to know your body and all is well.


6 Responses to “Kombucha and DEATH!!!!”

  1. Martha Bennett Says:

    I wonder how this woman feels about beer, wine, fermented cider or any fermentation process which actually unlocks the key to health and life. I actually had been drinking kombucha for months before my appendix ruptured and I almost did die, but my appendix would have ruptured anyway according to my surgeon since I had been eating a ton of salads before hand. Interesting how people draw conclusions, when evidence doesn’t even come close. Long live home brewed kombucha! I am still here 5 years later, stronger than ever!

  2. Barry Says:

    Are we sure that Kombucha has been around for 2000 years? Since refined sugar has been on the scene for only around 200 years what were they using before refined sugar? Honey can be used but with limited results.

    • James Says:

      There are tons of naturally occurring substances that have ferment-able sugars in them. And, there is no “limited success” with honey. I brew all sorts of stuff (beer, wine, kefir, etc…) I use honey all the time as a ferment-able sugar. What do you think mead is? Fermented honey…

  3. AJ Says:

    I totally agree stupidity kills more people than kombucha lol

  4. Oldest report I’ve seen on kombucha is that it was popular in Russia, etc, around the 1800’s. In any case, it’s ‘old school’ stuff in the ‘home remedy’ or ‘folk medicine’ category, so of course the modern medicine men are going to be all over it with negative reports, because if home remedies that worked became general knowledge, then the mega-dollar doctor visits would get pretty thin.
    However, with any ‘home brewed’ product, be it beer, wine, sauerkraut, or kombucha, it’s crucial to use some smarts, keep everything spotlessly clean and use common sense to keep the stuff from contamination, like stray mold from somewhere, a few fruit fly larva, the wrong container, etc, which would be seriously bad. Also, as with anything newly introduced into your body, start off with a shot glass full, not a quart!
    Another useful home brew remedy that you can use off grid in a survival situation after ‘the end’. Or just for the heck of it, for health.
    surviving urban crisis . com

  5. susan Says:

    My friend recently gave me a “casting” of kombucha she got from her sister. I unwittingly put in earl grey tea and brown suger. The bergamot must not be very “real” as the “mushroom” has tripled in sized and there is no sign of “bad” mold. I just drank from it at 18 days of “brewing”. I drank a small glass of it last night. I have had a yeast infection in my lungs for over 3 months and every morning I’ve awoke with this brownish mucus snot from my throat, This morning I awoke with no gunk.
    I hope I am doing the right thing. Also is kombucha counter productive with yogurt and cheese and kimchee consumption. For that matter beer and wine and other cultures.
    Any thoughts are welcome.

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