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Congrats to Our Kombucha Customer of the Month! March 31, 2010

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Our Kombucha Customer of the Month….

The employee of the month concept is so Burger King 2003. This month we are kicking off our Customer of the Month Series.

Congrats John Kerber our Kombucha Customer of the Month

Kombucha Customer of the Month for April (no this is not an April's Fool Joke)

Big congrats to John Kerber. John loved our continuous brewing system so much, that he decided to get another one for his girlfriend. We think that is just plain awesome (actually more like just awesome, awesome).

Nothing says I Love You than 2.5 gallons of Yeast and Bacteria.

Congrats John. We can’t think of a better way to “promote” you than sending you our new secret Magic Vine Tea Formula System from Thailand.. we are paying for the shipping and everything!

That’s right!! It is finally here folks… cleared customs and is safe and sound in our space just bursting to go out and play with all of you!

I will announce what all the exciting hoopla (yep. hoopla), is all about this Tuesday April 6th at 11am EST.

I have not been this proud and excited about a product since I first discovered kombucha and developed the continuous brewing system!!!

Happy Holidays,

PS: Want to be next month’s kombucha customer? we are easily bribed… take a picture with our shirt or even with your scoby, send us a recipe, or simply send us a note saying how awesome we are. 🙂 You will be famous (at least in the kombucha kommunity) and get hooked up with some awesome free goodies!


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