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Kombucha & Me November 24, 2007

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Hey guys! Well, recently reader Mike (hi Mike!) commented and asked a question that I thought would be best answered in its own blog, rather than on the comments board.

Mike: I’m MUCH more interested in what effects the Kombucha is having on your overall health and well-being. Do you feel any differently? Are you noticing any benefits which you believe are related to the Kombucha?

I’m sure most of you wonder and are interested in the same thing. It’s a bit hard for me to answer, because I didn’t approach kombucha with one of the many needs (i.e for candidaet cetera), so it’s not quite cause and effect for me.

What I have noticed:

Clearer skin (but first I had a mini-breakout, probably due to my body’s detoxing)

Better digestion, and more normal belly issues all around

When I drink it with a meal, I have less propensity to over-eat.

When I drink it with or after an alcoholic beverage, I feel better that day and the next day.

I’ve used the culture on my hair as shampoo (noticeably softer hair) on my skin (dried up some acne) wrapped up with a cut (the cut didn’t get infected and did heal quickly.)

Hope these little things I’ve noticed help. I’d love to hear your successes, attempts, and wish-list for kombucha!




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