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almost a year and a half in the making… November 3, 2009

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The Kombucha Home Brew Master Videos Series is Finally Here… and it’s HUGE!

I HATE when “previews” have nothing to do with the actual movie. You get all excited about the 37 second over edited and produced clip that it becomes such a let down when you realize you spent your cash on something you were not expecting.

This video is NOT a Preview, It is THE ACTUAL WALK THRU of our Brand SPANKIN’ New KOMBUCHA DVD.

This was you can decide for yourself that this is something you want.


// Go Here to Check Out the DVD:

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// What The Friday! Series


Question about my first kombucha brew January 24, 2009

Here is a question we recently got:

Got the brew kit a week ago, and am about to start to bottle my first batch. I noticed yesterday that the new culture that formed on top looked kinda blue. I read that cultures can mold and infect the tea, and now I am scared. how does this look to you?

Picture of a Healthy, yet Very young baby scoby

Picture of a Healthy, yet Very young baby scoby

If it is ok (i really hope it is), after i bottle the all the tea (and leave a little?) can i just put new brewed sweetened tea right on top of all the culture, or do i take some out?

Thanks for helping me out I am really excited to finally be brewing my own kombucha.


As far as I can see you look good to go!! just save around 15% (usually the spigot placement is a good measure of 15%) and pure some fresh tea on top.


To ensure a healthy and more evened out batch: After you pour your sweet tea on top of the SCOBY, draw a big ole glass from the spigot and pour it on top. This will take part of the 15% starter tea from your last batch that was on the bottom and place it on top of your new sweat tea. Kind of like a starter tea sandwich where the starter tea is the bread (rye, pumpernickel, any kind you want) and the sweat tea is the turkey (unless your a vegetarian, and then it would be the tofurkey).

This gently mixes the older more acidic brew with the fresh sweat tea, causing the ph level to drop a little bit faster before the sweat tea can become susceptible to harsh environmental conditions.

Happy Brewin’!


PS: Congrats on rockin out with the culture and a helluva great pic!


Kombucha 2009!!! January 9, 2009

It’s 2009 and that means resolutions, and for me, this happens to be the year of Kombucha. I’m not going to marry myself to a 30 day challenge or anything like that because…well let’s face it look what happeneded last time when I tried to drink kombucha for 30 days. I crapped out. For me the mental challenge is more difficult then the actual drinking kombucha and documenting the results if that makes any sense whatsoever, it feels like extra credit in high school when you already had the A. I would rather just feel the results and go about my life drinking kombucha. What am I blabbing about? New years resolutions I suppose.

My new years resolutions for 2009 are as follows:
1. Exercise (regularly) – My problem with this in the past was I would exercise but completely irregularly and only yoga. The problem with youga though is that you can get your muscles so loose that you actually lose strength so it made it harder for me to do more body weight exercise, I hope to develop some kind of hybrid routine. Any tips? Post them in the comments.

2. Drink more Kombucha, Green tea, and yerba mate – Something I have more or less already been doing. Sitting here typing this right now I have my green tea sitting next to me and it really is wonderful. OH! And to drink less coffee, in a pinch I really don’t think coffee is that bad.

3. Eat healthy – This is probably the toughest one because it’s not that eat poorly now, it’s that I have poor eating habits. Over eating the wrong foods, under eating the good ones. This is largely do to ignorance on my part and not knowing what to eat. I’m going to be doing some more research on this one.

4. BE PRODUCTIVE and DEDICATED – To go balls to the walls about the things I’m passionate about and to make things happen for myself because guess what nobody else can do this for you.

5. Wake up early! – I’m lucky enough to have the kind of job where I can make my own hours but that doesn’t mean I want to waste y time and day. I wish I had a cold glass of kombucha waiting for me next to my bed in the morning, or better yet in the morning; yerba mate! Yerba gives me such a great feeling of well being, it’s great in the morning.

So my kombucha journey into 2009 has just begun. What are your goals this year?

*Note – After reading this I actually want to do another 30 day challenge of some sort.


5 Great uses for kombucha

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I am always coming across more and more awesome things kombucha does, here are a few…

Let your kombucha brew become very vinegary and then add it to your salad with some sage, fresh finegar, Olive oil, garlic and some red peppers to spice it up and you have yourself one healthy kombucha salad dressing!

1 – Kombucha for Itchy Skin – If you have itchy skin try using some kombucha vinegar, just rub some on your skin. This is good for people who have skin that is irritated by soap.

2 – Kombucha for Softer skin – Beat an egg white until it is frothy then add a tablespoon each of Kombucha Tea and honey. Apply it to your skin and let it dry, then sponge it off with cool water.

3 – Kombucha tea gargle,
Mix kombucha tea and honey before bed.

4 – Kombucha tea for pimples
Kombucha tea on a cotten bottle applied to your face to prevent pimples.

5 – Kombucha fly trap for home brewing kombucha
Take a take small jar and 1/4 way up with kombucha and a funnel on top and trap those suckers! Also has some cool free youtube vids about this!

check it out here:


Kombucha & Me November 24, 2007

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Hey guys! Well, recently reader Mike (hi Mike!) commented and asked a question that I thought would be best answered in its own blog, rather than on the comments board.

Mike: I’m MUCH more interested in what effects the Kombucha is having on your overall health and well-being. Do you feel any differently? Are you noticing any benefits which you believe are related to the Kombucha?

I’m sure most of you wonder and are interested in the same thing. It’s a bit hard for me to answer, because I didn’t approach kombucha with one of the many needs (i.e for candidaet cetera), so it’s not quite cause and effect for me.

What I have noticed:

Clearer skin (but first I had a mini-breakout, probably due to my body’s detoxing)

Better digestion, and more normal belly issues all around

When I drink it with a meal, I have less propensity to over-eat.

When I drink it with or after an alcoholic beverage, I feel better that day and the next day.

I’ve used the culture on my hair as shampoo (noticeably softer hair) on my skin (dried up some acne) wrapped up with a cut (the cut didn’t get infected and did heal quickly.)

Hope these little things I’ve noticed help. I’d love to hear your successes, attempts, and wish-list for kombucha!




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