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Happy Halloween! November 1, 2007

There’s no costume as spooky as a SCOBY! Of course, I come to that realization the day AFTER halloween. Next year I think I’ll go as a culture. Too little, too late. This year I was a newsie, and I got to use a very bad british accent.

So, last night, LATE, I decided I couldn’t wait to feed Jody the Scoby any longer. So, I found some loose tea I’d gotten from Dave a while ago (I was lucky enough to have the GetKombucha proprietary mix!) used a tea ball (packed FULL) and brewed Jody up some dinner! So now, she’s getting her sweet fix. My husband and my roommate are both totally weirded out by the whole kombucha thing– but I see them peeking under the lid every once in a while. I know they’re more fascinated than they let on!

Do any of you guys have funny Kombucha brewing stories or reactions from housemates/ friends? I’d love to hear them!


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