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Kombucha Newsletter – March Edition. March 9, 2010

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Hey Kombucha Nation,

kombucha and Habitat for Humanity a great recipe

Kombucha and Habitat for Humanity a great recipe (Dave and Eboni)

I know I have been a traveling wilbury** for the past month or so (and the saga continues tomorrow morning when I head to Orlando to walk on hot coals, but more on that in a bit), all of which is part of my commitment to make 2010 the best year for and our awesome customers!

I thought doing a monthly newsletter would be a good idea to keep our customers completely “in the know” of the happenings… man there is a bunch of exciting stuff. Buckle Up and Turn on the Airbags, here we go…

CHARITY: (i.e. My personal favorite)

I rang in the new year by flying down to New Orleans to volunteer with Habitat For Humanity. I did this for a 3 reasons:

1. Ever since hearing about Katrina I have wanted to physically go down and help out. Donating money is wonderful and I also think donating time and action is just as (and sometimes more) important.

2. I have (well had), no carpenter skills whatsoever. The joke was that I would hit the nail on my finger more than the nail that goes into the house. It has been a skill set that I have been interested in developing for awhile, so I thought why not learn on the job and help give a gift while I’m at it! .. note: I am now a nail putty and door frame painting expert ๐Ÿ™‚

3. In a word: Jazz!

I am so grateful for the time I had and also for the other volunteers I met during my time. HUGE shout out to all the Georgia State Students. These guys chose to spend their winter break helping out.. man I wish I was that awesome back in college. Youtube vids are coming soon… in the mean time here are some pics.

Kombucha makes you strong!

Kombucha makes you strong!

The ARC Walk Of Independence


I say YOU because in Jan I stated that 5% of all sales thru Feb will go the foundation. Me (and whoever else I can convince to wake up at 6am on Saturday), will be personally there on March 27th and I am so proud to rock their shirt again with our kombucha company on the back (their shirt is ALMOST as good as ours!).


Last week we broke our “most sales in one day” record (shattered it in fact) – frankly we were a little overwhelmed. There was the “we have how many orders today?” type of overwhelmed…

and there was also.. “man we are so grateful that we get to help and enable people” type of overwhelmed. It is a VERY NICE type of overwhelmed! Here are some pics of that (long/intense/awesome/grateful) day.

Our UPS Driver Andrew Makes Sure Your Kombucha is Safe and Sound!

Our UPS Driver Andrew Makes Sure Your Kombucha is Safe and Sound!

Our Shippin' Manager Julio ROCKIN' the Kombucha Robot T-Shirt!

Our Shippin' Manager Julio ROCKIN' the Kombucha Robot T-Shirt!

Me lending a hand! (fyi.. bio degradable peanuts!)

Me lending a hand! (fyi.. bio degradable peanuts!)

Ladies and Gentleman - our VP of Kombucha Operations Ron, striking a pose.

Ladies and Gentleman - our VP of Kombucha Operations Ron, striking a pose.


For those that do not already know… I was in thailand last month. Basically this is how it went.

1. Dave found an awesome thing on the internet (this is after spending a bunch of cash on several potential awesome things and being let down over and over when they arrived… ie it tasted like poo.. uh not that I know what poo tastes like, but you get the point).

2. Dave found that much like this company was also an itty bitty yet moderately awesome biz – except they were in Thailand.

3. Dave decided to stop finding things and just jump on a plane to Thailand and GET IT for our customers (that and learn about how to actually use it to ensure long term success).

That’s it in a nutshell. Where big corporations might take a few months and lots of filled out forms to ok a trip, being small (and renegade) sometimes helps.

We are still in talk with customs and it would not be fair to speak about it before I know for sure, but this could be HUGE!

I will keep you posted as everything is played out (please keep your fingers/toes/arms/eyes crossed)!


We will continue on with season 3 of the WTF! (what the friday!) episodes. Originally season 3 was going to focus on Health and Wellness (one of my favorite things… can you tell!). However, tomorrow morning I leave for a 4 day intensive Tony Robbins Retreat.

What ever you think about Tony or the personal development field, I can only speak of my personal experience and say this stuff works (believe me I am more analytical than I’d like to be, but it is true.. I have done the math and I achieve more financial/health/life success when I follow this stuff.

This stuff though can be as simple as writing down on a piece of paper “what is the most important action I can take today to reach my goal” and only write down that one step. In other words it does not have to be spending a bunch of cash to go to an event like this.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I decided since I am spending a bunch of cash on this, why not share it with those who might want this type of stuff and for whatever reason can not presently get it (money, time, space restrictions).


Every night I will share the strategies I learn by recording a bullet point recap of the day (I am pretty sure it is illegal to video the actual classes, but I don’t think I am restricted to what I do afterward).

I will release it in 4 segments as Season 3 of WTF! and then Health and Wellness Success Strategies will be season Four.

All if you have not done so already I invite you to sign up for the WhatTheFriday Newsletter where I share even more awesome content (some of the stuff that I charge $200/hr for in internet marketing consulting is yours FREE! when you sign up).

you can sign up by emailing me personally at and write “WTF!” in the subject header and anything you want to me in the body. ๐Ÿ™‚

Again, in case you were wondering why I do What The Friday, it is because I am a HUGE Fan of the PAY IT FORWARD and EVERYBODY WINS Mentality.

I really do my absolute best not to mention getkombucha or sell products through the series. There were several people that have helped me on the way of becoming my own boss of my health and wealth and it is something that I LOVE doing.

If you are like WTF! is WTF!… you can get caught up by watching our first episode that explains it all.

Cool. Yes. I know. This was a long post, and for those that wanted to just click and look at the pretty pictures, great.. and for those that wanted to read what we do, who we are and where we are going because you are a fellow getkombucha kombuchaholic… greater!

till next time…

Happy Brewin’

** whoever can comment below with the names of ALL the members of this group gets mad props


Kombucha, Thailand, and Bears.. oh my! February 25, 2010

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This is one of the several vids I have taken to document my business trip to Thailand to source some new and exciting goodies for our customers of – enjoy!

Here I am doing my best to fild the sunset off of one of the several awesome beaches of Thailand (kind of puts Santa Monica to shame!) –

Of course, I FORGOT THE CAMERA… so after sprinting back to get it I realized 3 things:

1. I need to work on my cardio training (guess dodgeball doesn’t cut it)
2. I missed the sunset
3. Thailand, so far anyway, does not have kombucha tea.. hmmm you thinking what I’m thinking?

Much Love and Happy Brewin’
Dave (from Thailand)


almost a year and a half in the making… November 3, 2009

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The Kombucha Home Brew Master Videos Series is Finally Here… and it’s HUGE!

I HATE when “previews” have nothing to do with the actual movie. You get all excited about the 37 second over edited and produced clip that it becomes such a let down when you realize you spent your cash on something you were not expecting.

This video is NOT a Preview, It is THE ACTUAL WALK THRU of our Brand SPANKIN’ New KOMBUCHA DVD.

This was you can decide for yourself that this is something you want.


// Go Here to Check Out the DVD:

// Go Here for Your 7 Day Kombucha Mini Course FREE!

// What The Friday! Series


May 18, 2009

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Below is another personal success story from one of our customers. Though we are not allowed by the FDA to make any claims, and you should always consult with a Medical Doctor if you have specific questions regarding your health, I find personal stories like this one, truly inspirational!

The great thing is that this person at first had her reservations about brewing at first. But like many of us, soon realized just to sit back, relax and get brewin!! ENJOY



Drinking Kombucha for Lactose intolerance April 6, 2009

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Well I can only speak from my personal experience as follows; Drinking Kombucha has all but wiped out my lactose intolerance symptoms. Does that mean I’m not lactose intolerant anymore? No not at all but I no longer take lactaid supplements and avoid pizza! I drink Kombucha pretty regularly which has lead to my knew found ability to digest lactose products much better.

So what causes lactose intolerance anyway?
Well from my understanding it is a lactase deficiency, what exactly does that mean…I’m no scientist=I do not have any clue.
But what I do know is the Kombucha does contain active cultures which combat the effects of lactose intolerance, so by drinking it regularly I can enjoy all the milk, and pizza I want (although that still may not be such a great idea). I wonder what a kombucha pizza would taste like? My guess: Not very good. I read somewhere that by drinking Kombucha 30 minutes before consuming dairy products you should be covered but that is simply not the case for me as I am not careful at all anymore, as long as I have enjoyed Kombucha tea throughout the week I am fine.

I have not been able to find a ton of information on lactose intolerance and Kombucha, what have you guys heard? The lactose intolerance community deserves to know!


Kombucha the new redbull energy drink…that won’t kill you

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Energy drinks!!! Energy drinks!!! Energy drinks!!!
Red Bull! Rockstar! Sobe! These things get you so pumped up you feel like you can do anything! Right!? You guys aren’t going along with me on this. What happened I thought we were all friends here…What do you mean you won’t enjoy a Redbull with me, haven’t you heard that Redbull gives you wings That’s right guys drinking Redbull will actually alter your DNA resulting in a painful growing process where wings actually sprout from your back. The good news is you can fly, the bad news is you have wings and you are destined to live a very lonely life on top of a very high building wondering where exactly you fit it in…then a bird poops on your head and you realize that it’s not with the birds either….What? Redbull, Rockstar, and all the other guys are actually bad for you? I had no idea…Ok maybe I knew of a few people who died from drinking these unhealthy poison drinks and then played sports and there hearts pretty much exploded, but hey those are just isolated incidents right?

RedBull gives you wings

RedBull gives you wings

Let’s get real for a hot second people, ENERGY DRINKS ARE POISON. Every now and again if I really need to pull an all nighter full of unhealthy regrets I indulge myself in a Redbull, because they do give you energy. But at what cost?

Drinking Kombucha tea gives you energy!!! Oh yeah that’s right, that healthy little glass of Kombucha gives you natural energy and if consumed regularly you should feel your energy levels sky rocket and you won’t feel like you just licked a bad toad. I actually tried Kombucha brewed with Yerba Mate the other day and wow I was feeling so good, it was such a euphoric energy buzz, it felt really great. Whenever I have a Redbull there is almost always a sence of guilt/am I going to die effect that comes with it. So let’s stick to Kombucha, Yerba Mate, and Tea for our energy.


So many names for Kombucha February 9, 2009

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Kombucha has been around for a very, very, very long time. Here are some names as you may find them in different countries:

Names for the Kombucha Culture:

Brinum-Ssene (Latvian)
Cainii grib (Russian)
Cainogo griba (Georgian)
Chamboucho (Romanian)
Champignon de longue vie (French)
Combucha (Japanese)
Fungus japonicus (Pharmaceutical name)
Funko cinese (Italian)
Hongo (Spanish)
Japan gomba (Hungarian)
Kargasok-Teepilz (German)
Olinka (Bohemian and moravian monasteries)
Tea mould (Java)
Teepilz (German)
Teyaki saki (Armenian)
Theezwam Komboecha (Dutch)

Names for Kombucha tea:

Cainii kvass (Russian)
Cainogo kvassa (Georgian)
Elixir de longue vie (French)
Kombucha-thee (Dutch)
Kombuchagetrank (German)


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